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Learn the 5 boxes you need to check in your coaching session to guarantee your clients’ immediate results (and massive confidence for you).


Tuesday, February 13th at 10 am MT/12ET

One of the most important things you will ever do is deliver an effective coaching session.

The problem though is that you aren’t sure how to make the coaching session flow. You find yourself overthinking every word you want to say, and are focused more on you and less on the client.

Imagine if you stepped into every coaching session with complete confidence and certainty about how it flows, that you felt total clarity on how you will guide your client to success, and if you had a blueprint to repeat that process every single time.

Great news–I am sharing it with you on my upcoming workshop on

February 13th from 10-11MT

You’ll walk away feeling confident, clear, and ready to coach your clients without feeling like a major imposter.

About Amanda…

Amanda is a Certified Master Coach, Creator of the Best Damn Coach Podcast with over nearly 1 Million downloads and the Best Damn Coach program.

With over 25 years of coaching experience, Amanda is truly the “coach’s coach.” Her work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Today Online and on podcasts like Cubicle To CEO and more. 

Amanda left her career as a high school teacher building her coaching practice to multi-seven figures and counting focusing on client results.  She has helped thousands of coaches grow their confidence and coaching mastery as well as build thriving coaching practices.

Amanda Walker’s passion for coaching, her unwavering commitment to her clients, and her profound impact on their lives have earned her the well-deserved reputation as the Best Damn Coach in the industry.

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