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$100,000 Coaching Session Blueprint (For Less Than The Price of a Pizza)

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You've got so much experience. You even have amazing coaching certifications and yet you still don't know what to say in a coaching session 🙁

You're afraid you'll do it wrong or mess it up.

You find yourself overthinking every word you want to say. You are focused more on yourself and less on the client.

And what if you freeze and don't know what to say?

Most coaches understand that their coaching session is important, but…

Only masterful coaches understand that delivering an effective coaching session is THE most crucial thing they will ever do as a coach.


An effective coaching session gets your client immediate RESULTS. When your clients get immediate results, they become a billboard for your work.  This leads to more clients and money in the bank (without spending money on ads or using fancy strategies).

Here are the 3 most common mistakes coaches make that derail a coaching session:

If you’ve made these mistakes, don’t worry. Most coaches I talk with have, too.

That's why I created the
Coaching Session Blueprint.

To truly become a leading coach in your niche, you must stop making these mistakes in your sessions so you can show up with authority and flexibility and truly meet your clients where they are.

Fortunately for you, I’ve helped thousands of coaches like you create a blueprint for their coaching sessions that gives the perfect amount of structure and flow.

It’s like a CHEAT SHEET to confident coaching.


The Coaching Session Blueprint

A step-by-step system to help you learn how to deliver an effective coaching session that gets clients immediate results (without taking away your authentic style or genius).

What’s Included:

Part 1: Pre-Frame

Valued at $497
  • In this phase, you will learn:
  • - How to effectively prepare for a masterful coaching secession
  • - What the BEST coaches out there do before even stepping into a coaching session

Part 2: The B.E.S.T. Method

Valued at $997
  • In this phase, you will learn:
  • - The four proven steps for delivering an out-of-this-world coaching session that leaves both you and your client filled with confidence
  • - How to find the perfect balance of structure and flow in your coaching session
  • - The secret ingredient to thinking more about your client in your session (instead of yourself and your insecurities and doubts)

Part 3: The Wrap-Up

Valued at $497
  • In this phase, you will learn:
  • - How to effectively wrap up a session so the client has clear next steps
  • - The secret to getting your clients to take immediate action
  • - How to track your client sessions and progress so you know exactly where to pick up on your next session

And I am throwing in MORE BONUSES because I want you to head into every coaching session with intention and confidence and without feeling like a major imposter.

Bonus 1: Session Notes Template

Valued at $297
  • This easy-to-use template is designed to give you the exact structure and flow of your sessions and a place to keep your notes so that the blueprint supports you on every single session. Say hello to organized and effective coaching!

Bonus 2: The Belief Diamond

Valued at $297
  • You’ll get instant access to my belief diamond framework to help you increase your confidence in coaching sessions immediately.

Bonus 3: How To Hold Boundaries

Valued at $297
  • You’ll get immediate access to my LIVE training so you know how to stay on time, stop going over on sessions, or have a hard time telling your client the session is coming to a close.

Valued At: $2,882

Your Price: $27


Feeling so confident on every coaching session.  You are totally calm, focused, and not spending the entire time worrying about saying the wrong thing or messing up?

How good it will feel when your client is blown away by the questions you ask and how in flow the coaching feels. How good it will feel when your client has a breakthrough every single session, and they start sending you messages after the sessions about how their life is changing.

That confidence will feel great, but more importantly, it will allow you to create the deep impact on the world you know you’ve been longing for.

And as you read this, you might be thinking…

What if I don’t think I’ve coached enough clients?

Or I don’t feel like I am ready?

Will this work for me and my niche?

Yes, that’s exactly why I created a simple, repeatable blueprint you can use for every coaching session that doesn’t feel overwhelming and complicated no matter where you are in your coaching journey. 



You might be wondering…what makes me special and qualified to teach you?

Coaching is in my blood. I became a coach at age 15 and have spent thousands of hours studying and perfecting my craft as a coach.

I am a Certified Master Coach and Framework Building Ninja! I’ve helped thousands of coaches from all niches craft their signature coaching framework, stand out and grow their craft as a coach so they can make more impact, money and grow their confidence.

I’ve coached thousands of clients to massive transformation using this exact blueprint and now I’m passing it along to YOU.

I am also the host of the Best Damn Coach Podcast and the creator of the Framework Builder Lab and Best Damn Coach Membership.

What our Clients are saying about the Blueprint...


What if I'm not confident yet as a coach?

This blueprint will make you confident. It will simplify your coaching sessions. Consider it your “cheat code” to radical confidence as a coach. The more you use this blueprint, the more confident you will become. Confidence is simply a result of practicing the right thing. Your confidence will grow faster than you can imagine.

What if I buy it and don’t think it’s worth $27?

I can’t possibly imagine that happening when you see how powerful this blueprint is. We could easily sell this for $1,000+. However, I am so confident you will be blown away by it that I will offer a 30 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you complete the course and don’t think it’s worth your investment, email our team support@amana-walker.com and we will refund you 100% of your $27 investment.

When do I get access to the product?

Instantly. It’s not drip-fed. You get access to all the training and templates instantly. I want you to use this template immediately in your coaching.  Complete the secure enrollment form and join me inside.

​How long is the course?

I’ve designed it so that you can complete it in less than 60 minutes. I can guarantee this time will be some of the most valuable time you’ll ever spend to deepen your coaching skills and confidence.


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