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Create your signature coaching framework

in less than 60 minutes in this FREE live workshop.

In this workshop you'll discover:

Have you noticed that every brilliant coach has one signature framework that they become KNOWN for?

It's the ONE thing that helps them stand out.

There is a specific process to building a framework that helps you attract clients.
In fact, you already have all the pieces of the puzzle but maybe you've just never realized it!

You can create that too (even if you are just starting out.)

I will teach you HOW inside this LIVE workshop.

Join this FREE workshop so that you can create your own
signature framework so you can instantly stand out in the industry
(and never beg for clients again.)

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About Amanda...

Amanda is a Certified Master Coach, Creator of the Best Damn Coach Podcast with over nearly 1 Million downloads and the Best Damn Coach program.

With over 25 years of coaching experience, Amanda is truly the “coach’s coach.” Her work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Today Online and on podcasts like Cubicle To CEO and more. 

Amanda left her career as a high school teacher building her coaching practice to multi-seven figures and counting focusing on client results.  She has helped thousands of coaches grow their confidence and coaching mastery as well as build thriving coaching practices.

Amanda Walker’s passion for coaching, her unwavering commitment to her clients, and her profound impact on their lives have earned her the well-deserved reputation as the Best Damn Coach in the industry.

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