Partner Program

Be a partner for the only program in the world that teaches coaches how to build their signature coaching framework.

Are you ready to earn passive income while helping to build an army of confident and competent coaches in the coaching industry?

The Framework Builder Lab ™ is our signature program to teach coaches how to build their signature framework in less than 24 hours.

We are excited to partner with people who are passionate about the integrity of the coaching industry, believe in the value of coaching and who want to support our mission while making profit.

About the F.B.L.

The Framework Builder Lab is not a “program.”  It’s a step-by-step system to help coaches build their own proprietary process to help them stand out in a crowded market.

Think about it: every brilliant coach has their own signature framework and we are on a mission to help every coach see the value of having their own.

Students can join the F.B.L. as an independent study format or in our LIVE cohort.


Why be a partner?

Zero Risk

It’s a win for you no matter what. There is no financial requirement on your end and we provide all the materials you will need to be successful.

Passive Income

An opportunity for you to create profit in your business at any time you want AND without doing any of the planning.


You get to meet other amazing people inside the online world and create possible connections in your business.

Done For You Materials

We provide everything you need. You don’t have to write any copy or create any graphics unless you want to.

What’s the commitment?

Becoming a partner for the B.D.C. means that you are committed to sharing our 3 Day LIVE training happening October 21, 23,25 of 2024 where we will be teaching our participants how to build their framework.  


The runway to collaborate will begin October 7th.  We will provide all materials for you to share to make is as seamless as possible.

Commission Structure

Our commission structure is simple: 

Framework Builder Lab Investment: $397

  • Your partner payout is 50%: $199 per signup




While–I know we are already connected I want you to know my WHY:

Coaching is in my blood. I became a coach at age 15 and have spent thousands of hours studying and perfecting my craft as a coach. I’ve been building frameworks since I was a teen.

I am a Certified Master Coach and Framework Building Ninja! I’ve helped thousands of coaches from all niches craft their signature coaching framework, stand out and grow their craft as a coach so they can make more impact, money and grow their confidence.

I’ve coached thousands of clients to massive transformation and I am passionate about upholding the integrity of the coaching industry.

I am also the host of the Best Damn Coach Podcast and the creator of the Best Damn Coach Membership.

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So you can make more money.

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