Coaching Skills Week

Learn how to grow your coaching
skills AND confidence as a coach,
practitioner or leader in
this 5-DAy challenge

April 24th-29th Live trainings @ 10 am PT

I know that you have likely dumped a ton of time and money into starting your business.

And still you…

You spent hours and thousands of dollars taking more certifications hoping it will make you feel more confident and “ready” to coach and still…you don’t.

I know this because I’ve been right where you are, hoping to certify my way to confidence. (Spoiler alert: it never worked).

When I first started my coaching business I charged $50 a month and only coached via email because I was afraid of what to say or that I would mess up on a live coaching session. There are thousands of gifted coaches, practitioners and consultants just like you that are coaching with confidence and making lots of money doing it.

Join me for this 5-Day LIVE challenge to become one of them.

Where: From the coziness of your own home on Zoom

During this Challenge Amanda will:

About Amanda

Heya, I am Amanda. So glad you are here!  I am a Certified Master Performance Coach and run the coaching practice of my dreams.

But – I started from ground zero…no clients, lots of self-doubts in my abilities, never sold anything in my life nor did I know a lick about business.  

I was a former high school teacher and built a 7-figure coaching practice by focusing on 2 important things: self-belief and client results.

Strategy in business is important.  What’s even more important is confidence in the work you do with your clients and becoming a master at curating results. 

 Join me for 5 Days of a deep dive into how to advance your coaching skills to become the best damn coach for your clients.


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