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I am a Certified Master Coach and Framework Building Ninja! I am obsessed with helping coaches stand out and grow their craft as a coach so they can make more money. I am the host of the Best Damn Coach Podcast and the creator of the Framework Builder Lab and Best Damn Coach.

Coaching changed my life.

Coaching is in my blood. I became a coach for the 1st time at 15 when I coached 4-5-year-old boys in a pee-wee basketball league. I then coached the hardest crowd ever as a high school teacher and coach, then added to my coaching resume Level 1 Crossfit Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach, and now Certified Master Life Coach, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner. I have combined my 25 years of coaching into this program to help you become a better coach.

The coaching industry is wildy growing.

It takes only courage and a laptop to assign yourself the title of “Coach.”

The way you stand out is by owning your process and serving your people.

I want to help you grow BOTH.

The reason you aren’t making the money or creating the impact you want isn’t that you aren’t taking action.

It’s that you are taking action in the wrong places.

My mission is to help you take massive action to strengthen the belief you have in yourself.

Let’s GOOOO!

I am passionate about helping coaches be better coaches.

Amanda Walker is a Master Coach in Life and Business.

She is the creator of the Best Damn Coach Podcast and Program. She has been featured in Forbes, Today Online, Catalyst Athletics. Her signature approach involves helping women create sustainable habits and develop a true love for themselves.

Her featured “B.D.C. Method” helps coaches increase coaching mastery and build the skill of growing a thriving business.

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5 Steps To Being a Better Coach

So you can make more money.

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