Client Success Story: From Engineer to Growing Her Passion As A Creative with Aurie Riley

In this episode, I celebrate the amazing journey of my client Aurie.  Aurie is a former engineer turned solopreneur who runs a business called Clean Slate Creations where she designs greeting cards to spread joy and human connection.  This episode hits on so many aspects of growth from working on the body to getting to the mind, to follow through and commitment, faith and ultimately, why coaching changes your life. 

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The Best Damn Coach Podcast is the premier podcast for coaches who want to master their coaching craft AND the skill of running successful coaching. Master Coach and creator of the Best Damn Coach Program Amanda Walker, brings her 25+ years of experience as a coach to each episode and teaches you how to do 3 things with more confidence: how to coach yourself, how to coach your clients and how to run your coaching business.

The goal of this show is to help you be the best damn coach you can be so your clients get amazing results and go tell the world about you. Amanda’s authentic and NO B.S. coaching style shines through each episode and inspires you to go out and create a major impact with your gift.

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