Become the

you can be.

Become the

you can be.

You decided to be a coach

to pursue your passion and start impacting people.

You even invested in certifications and education.

BUT as you started coaching clients you may have realized one GIANT problem:

Coaching isn’t easy.

And neither is growing a business.

Putting in all that work is exhausting, especially when it feels like the response is crickets.

There is ONE way to grow your business and create a steady stream of clients that will withstand the test of time and trump any algorithm.

And that super sneaky secret is…


Yes, helping your clients have massive results so they go out and tell the world about you. Literally…they become your walking billboard. Then, they begin to knock at your door.

You will become that coach inside the Best Damn Coach .

While your clients are responsible for creating their results... are 100% responsible

for carving a path for them to have success.

That’s why they hired you.

If you aren’t helping clients get results then you aren’t creating raving testimonials so more clients come your way. If no clients are seeking you out, no deposits are entering your bank account.

Inside Best Damn Coach you will become a masterful coach and masterful coaches never have to worry about finding client leads.

What if you delivered results 100% of the time with your clients and it felt easy and effortless?

Imagine what your business would feel like if every client you worked with got the exact results they came to you for.

How fast would they start talking about their work with you?

What would client retention look like?

How freakin’ confident would you be in your ability and the sustainability of your business?

How would your life (and bank account) look different?

In Best Damn Coach, we give you a step-by-step roadmap to build a profitable business and massive confidence

so you can finally stop chasing squirrels and wasting energy on stuff that doesn’t actually matter.

The coaching industry is growing fast, projected to be an 11 billion-dollar industry by 2024.

And while that is wildly cool…it also means that YOU have to do anything and everything you can to stand out!

You’ve invested so many dollars on strategy, logos, and brands.

I feel ya…been there done that! Until I realized the one timeless thing that kept more clients coming and even coming back was…

serving the hell out of them.

You may not feel fully qualified to guide clients to transformation AND you don’t feel 100% ready to show up as an expert…YET (and your clients can tell.)

A certification program doesn’t make you a COACH.

What actually makes you a coach is this…

Belief that you are a COACH and delivering your clients unparalleled results.

And that is what we teach inside…

Amanda smiles eyes are closed

Inside the program, you will learn how to get your clients’ massive results and get yourself massive CONFIDENCE. In fact, you will learn how to guarantee that your clients walk away still wanting more from YOU.

Every single resource and Done For You template inside the Best Damn Coach Program is designed to address your unique problems and struggles as a coach. Each resource will help you become a better coach, in fact a F&*$-ing awesome one, and will help you gain the confidence and skills to go out and attract more clients and more money.

That means more clients and more impact.

More impact

and more money.

This Is What The B.D.C Members Say

Inbal Claudio

Community Building Coach

Sally Bisbee

Life Organization Coach

Erica Blackburn

Spiritual & Energy Healing Coach

Program Guarantee

30 day guarantee that we will help you improve the results you get with your clients or I will personally coach you to more confidence!

*Must complete all requirements included in the BDC agreement to be eligible for guarantee.

Best Damn Coach is for every coach.

No matter your coaching background, certified or not, years of experience or none. The tools we teach will serve everyone at their level. Whether you call yourself a coach…or a consultant,  mentor, guide or teacher, this community is for you.

That’s because I have collected the knowledge and skills I’ve gathered from over 25 years of coaching pee-wee basketball to high-level teachers to multi-six-figure and beyond entrepreneurs into one program.

This process has been proven for hundreds of clients and you are about to be one of them.

Inside the

we are here to coach you every damn day, literally, it’s unlimited coaching, to help you go out and be the best coach possible and create massive results for your clients.

When you join Best Damn Coach you will:

When you join you will get:

Weekly Live Coaching

Roadmap to Success

Done For You Templates

Facebook Community

We don’t do modules around here. We are over content overload…we just want to help you take action. We provide Done For You Resources so you can save the time on creating things and instead use what we provide to go out and take action. Because action will only strengthen your belief.

Done For You Resources Include:

Evergreen BONUSES

24/7 Facebook Community

Monthly Open Coaching

Monthly Themed Coaching

Laser Focused Virtual Retreats

Best Damn Coach Investment

6 Months



Total: $10,770.00

Founder's Investment:


Payment structure: 6 x $249

12 Months



Total: $10,770.00

Founder's Investment:


Best Damn Coach Investment


Total value $26,779

Your Options Today:

6 Month

Pay in Full
$ 1997 One Time Payment

12 Month

Pay in Full
$ 2997 One Time Payment
Best Value

12 Month

12 Installments
$ 250 Monthly

6 Month

Pay in Full
$ 3497 One Time Payment

12 Month

Pay in Full
$ 4970 One Time Payment
Best Value

12 Month

12 Installments
$ 497 Monthly

In Best Damn Coach we are creating an ARMY of talented, confident and service led coaches.

Coaches who believe so deeply in their gifts and future that they are unapologetic about telling the world about it.

You will be one of those coaches when you join the Best Damn Coach Program.


5 Steps To Being a Better Coach

So you can make more money.

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