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Don't let the what-ifs, the self doubt and the overwhelm of life hold you back from starting the online-based coaching or consulting business you've been dreaming of.

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You know you have a big purpose in the world.

You know you have a big purpose in the world. You have a big purpose in the world to support and guide others and have a special message or skill that you know can impact the lives of others. You find yourself daydreaming of what life would be like coaching and guiding others into powerful transformation and designing a business on your own terms.

But you’re afraid to step into it.



Heya ! I'm Amanda

I've been building my life coaching business online for five years now - and while I've hit multi six-figures, launched a successful podcast and built a team of support, I still remember how difficult those first few years in business can be.

When I left my teaching job seven years ago, I never intended to become a full-time entrepreneur, I just knew that there must be something more for me. I started following the gentle nudges from my heart, and quickly became what I call an "accidental entrepreneur".

And here's what I've learned through it all: following other people's recipes for success does not guarantee your own - instead we need to follow that gut feeling, showing us our way to success.

This is why I want to be your coach - not to give you the formula to success, but to help you find it yourself, regardless of what "success" looks like to you.

The "Accidental Entrepreneur"


The Naked Truth

of entrepreneurship

No. 1: A 9-to-5 is not the only way to find success and stability.

So many of us are taught to go to college, get the 9-to-5 job and work until we're 65 so that we'll be rewarded with success, stability and our happily ever after. Only, no one ever mentions how that feels on the day-to-day. Working within someone else's rules every day, without creativity or freedom to do something new, can feel draining.

Entrepreneurship allows you to define what success is: being there for dinner every night, never having to miss a soccer game or maybe more money in your bank account. All of these are possible when you work for yourself.

No. 2: You do not need to have a huge social media following to start a business

Whether you have 10,000 followers or 10, you are capable of having a successful business. Because at the end of the day, it's about the quality of your offer, and finding the right person to invest. Chasing vanity metrics - like a social media following - is a great distraction, but does not translate to your value as an entrepreneur.

No. 3: If you are waiting for the "right time", it's never going to happen

There is no such thing as the "right time". Think of when you had your first baby: regardless of when it came, losing a year of sleep was never easy, but you made it happen. I've worked with new moms, busy corporate rockstars and full-time entrepreneurs and all had similar struggles when it came to time. Because the truth is, it's not what we have time for, it's what we make time for.

You are 100% capable of achieving your business just need someone who gets it to show you the way.

That's why I created the Business Accelerator

The Business Accelerator is a group mentoring program for aspiring coaches, consultants and online service providers where you will be exposed to all the tools modern entrepreneurs are using to build their coaching and consulting businesses, while also learning how to reshape your thoughts so your can become the resilient leader your business needs.

The Business Accelerator was created for women who want to...

Create a Heart-Centered Business

I’ll show you how to design your business using the Feel Good™ method . You’ll be exposed to a variety of business models and marketing tools, & only YOU can choose the one that feels good to you.

Build Your Toolkit

Spreadsheets, email marketing, CRMs, websites, social media, podcast hosts – the list of tools you might need for launching your business is endless.  During the program, I’ll give you an inside look at all the tools I used for building my own business, and guide you in setting up a system that works for you.

Finally Own Your Genius

We all have a unique gift within us that the world needs – but sometimes we question the value we bring. When we learn to own our genius and launch with confidence, we attract the right clients for us. 

Find Community

Magic happens when female entrepreneurs connect. Having a community to share your struggles, celebrate your successes and collaborate with might be the secret ingredient that your business needs to skyrocket to success.


During our time together, I'll teach you everything you need to know about getting a successful business off the ground.

For 10 months we’ll talk about how to launch and grow a profitable business. I can’t promise that everything will go smoothly (that’s just not how it works), but I can guide you every step of the way in launching your business into the world.

What You Get

+ Twice monthly group teaching sessions and live coaching where we'll meet in a group setting to cover the skills you need to make it as an online entrepreneur.

+ Three 1-to-1 coaching sessions you can schedule when you need them most.

+ Training on all the tools I used to grow my online coaching business, including: content planning, offer mapping, podcasting, goal setting and workflow management.

+ Access to a community Voxer group where you can ask questions, provide feedback and get the support you need while you are growing your business.

By the time you're done with the Business Accelerator, you'll have a revenue-generating business that feels amazing to you.

What my clients are saying...

She went from $0 to 6-figures in one year by breaking through her limiting beliefs.

“I would not be able to say I am a business owner without Amanda’s support, guidance, and leadership. Having Amanda as my business coach has allowed me to break through many, many limiting beliefs and step into my calling to help girl athletes become confident. Amanda believed in me when I felt like I couldn’t really do this. She challenges me to think through the fear and doubt instead of sitting in it. I can’t thank Amanda enough for what she has done for me on this journey of being an entrepreneur. I can proudly say, with Amanda’s help, I am creating a life that I love.”

Paige Tonz

She found the confidence and mindset she needed to launch a business on her own terms.

“At a time in my life when I needed support, but didn’t know what I needed, Amanda found me. We’ve known each other a long time and I believe that connection is why Amanda knew she could help me. I started with her in her Feel Amazing Naked program and learned tools that I needed in order to stay healthy in my new life as a quadriplegic. As I began to build my life she saw that I would benefit from her Inner Circle community of women who were building businesses with her support. Being an entrepreneur, I had NO idea the steps I needed to take to build my business, but also survive in my business. Amanda has helped me manage self-care, finances, my thoughts and my emotional state. She has provided content support and taught me how to align my personal values to my business mission. I think the surprise that she taught me was how to stop being a self-conscious, broken mother and taught me how to find confidence in using my voice. The benefits of all of this have been unmeasurable as I now have so many tools that I can use when anxious thoughts, stressful times creep in and want to take over. I no longer have room for those. Thanks to Amanda, I have a successful business model as a Virtual School Counselor!”

Lindsay Pinkelman

She  finally found the business that her soul was craving. 

On paper, my life looked picture-perfect, but on the inside, I was dying. I had a long history of putting others before myself, box-checking, and people-pleasing, and while it brought “success,” it didn’t offer me happiness. So, I decided to do something about it, and I started a podcast. It was messy, but I wanted to share my journey because I knew I wasn’t alone.

I was creating a community, and it felt amazing, but I still didn’t know what I could bring to these women to change their lives. I wanted to create an impact. I wanted women to feel powerful and confident enough to make changes and follow their dreams. Trying something new and stepping out of my comfort zone with the podcast had transformed me. I wanted other women to experience that too, but I wasn’t sure how I could serve.

Then I met Amanda, and all I remember her saying is, “it sounds like you need some clarity and space to uncover your gifts.” Right then, I knew I needed her support because it is not often that people grant us the grace to uncover ourselves. Discovering your unique gifts requires going inside and sitting in stillness, and I will tell you this is one of the hardest things to do.

Well, here we are almost a year later, and I can say that one thing Amanda delivered on was helping me find clarity. It took me a whole year to see what was right in front of my face, but Amanda was there to offer gentle guidance every step of the way. The days I called completely off track, she helped me get back on. She taught me a thousand things about running a business, but the number one thing she taught me was to bet on myself. If you want to run a successful business the first thing you need to do is bet on yourself.

Today I help women discover their authentic personal style. I help these women step into new shoes as they walk the path to redefining who they are on the inside, so they can effortlessly express it on the outside. Style is not about what we wear it is an expression of who we are.

Katie Allen

This is all possible for you too.

When you build a profitable business that feels amazing to you, that aligns with your values and serves the world in a big will be jumping out of best every single day.

Join the Business Accelerator today and get the skills and mindset you need to launch a successful coaching business.

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