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June 28th at 10am PST/1 ET

It’s 2023 and there are so many brilliant coaches out there it can feel impossible to stand out.

Sometimes you feel yourself falling deep into imposter syndrome wondering why someone would choose you. Or are you able to help your clients get the results they came to you for?

There is so much to teach your client and you may feel so overwhelmed that you have ZERO idea where to start…

😩What order should I teach it all in? 

😩What if it isn’t “right”?

😩Is it too much information? Not enough?

Cue: Your Signature Coaching Framework

Cause–ain’t nobody gonna do it like YOU do it!

A signature methodology or framework is a step-by-step process unique to the coaching business that you take each client through to produce consistent results…time after time after time.

Your method is what you teach and how to teach it. It’s what allows you to immediately stand out and distinguish yourself from every other coach in the industry.

Inside this FREE 60-minute workshop I will:

Join this FREE workshop so you can guarantee that every time you have a client they will walk away with the exact results they came to you for.

Signature Coaching Framework Workshop

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