How To Never Lose A Customer Again With Joey Coleman

How To Never Lose A Customer Again With Joey Coleman

How To Never Lose A Customer Again With Joey Coleman

Hang out with me and Joey Coleman for an insightful chat on nailing client connections that create lasting impressions and foster customer loyalty . Skip the fancy stuff – talk about handwritten notes and sweet surprises.

Why Is the Client Journey So Important?

  • Personal Connection: Building a client journey fosters personal connections, making clients feel valued and important.
  • Memorable Experiences: Creating remarkable experiences during the initial 100 days and beyond ensures clients remember and appreciate the service.
  • Proof of Impact: A well-crafted journey provides tangible proof that clients matter, reinforcing the impact of the service in their lives.
  • Effective Communication: Handwritten notes and personal touches in the client journey enhance communication, making it more powerful than digital alternatives.
  • Name Recognition: Using clients’ names strategically establishes a pathway to connection, making interactions more meaningful.
  • Surprise and Delight: Going above and beyond in the client journey, with surprise and delight moments, strengthens relationships and exceeds expectations.
  • Referral Power: A positive client journey increases the likelihood of clients becoming advocates, referring others, and contributing to business growth.
  • Reciprocity and Gratitude: Acknowledging clients’ value through thoughtful gestures and communication generates reciprocity, fostering a deeper sense of gratitude and loyalty.


The Power of Retention

Client retention can be a major needle mover for coaches. It’s not just about holding onto clients; it’s about making them feel seen and valued. From personal connections, like remembering names, to creating memorable experiences, such as handwritten notes, these simple yet intentional actions lay the foundation for trust. 

Retention isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the impact. Joey’s emphasis on personalization through concrete examples showcase that by going beyond expectations, coaches can create an experience where clients not only stay but become advocates.


The One Thing Coaches Should Be Doing To Create Retention

The key action for coaches to boost retention is delivering on promises from day one. By ensuring clients receive what was initially committed, whether it’s a promised session duration, additional resources, or specific outcomes, coaches establish trust. This immediate fulfillment of expectations creates a solid foundation, making clients feel valued and understood. The early stages are critical; meeting or exceeding expectations right from the start sets the tone for a lasting and fruitful coaching relationship, enhancing the likelihood that clients will stay engaged and committed.


Create Genuine Relationships Through Client Gifts and Referrals

Joey highlights the significance of thoughtful gestures like handwritten notes, personalized gifts, and surprise elements in creating a lasting impression to reinforce client retention.

He also said the potency of referrals. Acknowledging and appreciating referrals with intentionality, irrespective of the form, creates a profound impact. 

He underscores how strategic appreciation, even in unconventional ways, cultivates strong connections and fuels reciprocal referrals, fostering a positive cycle of mutual support and endorsement.

About the Guest

Joey Coleman helps companies keep their customers and employees. As an award-winning speaker, he works with organizations around the world ranging from small startups to major brands such as Volkswagen Australia, Zappos, and Whirlpool. His First 100 Days® methodology fuels the remarkable experiences his clients deliver and dramatically improves their profits. His two books have received critical acclaim and both were instant Wall Street Journal best sellers. Never Lose a Customer Again, offers strategies and tactics for turning one-time purchasers into lifelong customers and his newest book, Never Lose an Employee Again, details a framework companies around the world can use to reduce turnover and increase employee engagement. When not speaking to audiences around the globe (he’s spoken on all seven continents), Joey enjoys playing board games, building LEGO sets, and reading bedtime stories with his amazing wife and two young sons.


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