Overcoming Imposter Syndrome As An Entrepreneur:

How To Stop Feeling Like A Fraud in 3 simple steps

Do you struggle with this nagging
voice that says...

"I don't know enough."
"I don't have it all figured out."
"Why would they ever hire me or pick me?"
"I don't have enough experience."
"They will find out I am a total fraud."

Then join me for this 60-minute LIVE workshop where I will walk you through how to overcome Imposter Syndrome step-by-step.

When: Tuesday, February 28th from 10.00 am-11.00 am MST
Where: From the coziness of your own home on Zoom

During this workshop Amanda will:

About Amanda

Heya, I am Amanda. So glad you are here!  I am a Certified Master Coach and run the coaching practice of my dreams.

BUT – I started from ground zero…no clients, never sold anything in my life nor did I know a lick about business.  

I know what it feels like to feel like a FRAUD.

I was there once too and that’s why I am passionate about sharing how to overcome those imposter thoughts to build results in your business and life.


5 Steps To Being a Better Coach

So you can make more money.

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