It's time to move from Solopreneur to C.E.O.

Become a member of the Inner Circle and get the strategy and community your growing business needs to finally start making the revenue you desire - and feel amazing doing it.

Feel like your business is hitting it's limit?

When you started your business, it felt so good. You were excited to make that first dollar, and as you began generating more revenue, you started dreaming about how your business might change your life - you could leave your 9 to 5, support your family or maybe even start building generational wealth.

But, now, you hit a limit on how much money you can make on your own - because you are running out of time, resources, You know you want and need to scale, but figuring out which direction to go feels completely overwhelming.

But here’s the real problem...

You don’t know how to get to the next level of your business - because you’ve never been there.

That’s why being a part of a community, guided by a coach who can help you scale - one who has been there before - can become the catalyst your business needs to go from a rollercoaster revenue generator to steady six-figure and BEYOND money maker.

I know what it's like to get to the next level.

I’ve been in business for five years and, through lots of trial and error, I’ve realized that with a plan, community, and support, anything I can dream up is possible.

Now I’m living as a nearly seven-figure life and business coach committed to helping women become the fulfilled leader that they were born to be. I believe what’s possible for me is possible for you too.

Amanda Walker_Life Coach

Just imagine if....

➞ Your business was able to break that six-figure (or multi-six figure) mark.
➞ You were receiving the kind of support your business needs.
➞ You felt amazing and energized showing up to your business every day.
➞ Your processes were so locked down that tasks begin to feel like their being completed on auto-pilot.


Because when you are the CEO of a business like this, you step into the full power of the woman that you were meant to be.


The Naked Truth

of growing your business

No. 1: Your business doesn't have to be all or nothing.

You went in to business for more freedom - freedom to take a vacation whenever your want, freedom to get a massage on a Friday afternoon, and freedom to make as much money as your want. So why does it always feel like your business is putting some serious limits on your time and income? With careful planning and boundaries, your business can once again become the solution to the freedom you're craving.

No. 2: You can hire the help you need - before you're ready.

Does the hiring process intimidate you? Feel committed to "doing this by yourself"? The truth is, to really grow into your full potential, you need a team supporting you. You just need to learn how to confidently make the right hire, and then leverage your new found time to break into the next level.

No. 3: Consistent revenue can be created.

Just because you opted out of the bi-weekly paycheck from an employer doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to consistently pay yourself. Make rollercoaster revenue a thing of the past by owning your cash flow when you consistently create revenue and manage it effectively.

Let me show you how this can be possible for YOU.

Amanda Walker_Life Coach_Inner Circle

Inner Circle was created for women like you: women who are ready to really maximize their potential. Over the course of 12 months, you’ll learn exactly what you need to start scaling your business, and you’ll do in a way that feels good.

What You Get


Each month you'll learn about things like marketing, visibility and how to track your revenue, and you'll be given working space to implement your lessons in your business.


Every quarter you'll have a 1-1 60-minute coaching call with Amanda where you can get the personal coaching that your business needs.


You will also receive 3 1:1 calls with my mindset coach and 2 calls with my OBM to help extend the learning from inside the community.


Need a step-by-step system to put things on autopilot? I will share all systems template that help put much of our business on set it and forget it mode.


Anytime you need support, it will be there. You can send Amanda (or the Inner Circle group) a message anytime with questions, doubts, worries, or celebrations.


You'll be part of a group of 10 women who are all working on their businesses alongside you. All of these women will be working on scaling and creating a sustainable business.

What we'll focus on...

Creating Consistent Revenue

Having a proven funnel is key to ensuring your pipeline stays full. What works for one person won’t work for everyone, so I’ll guide you in finding a funnel that works for your business, so rollercoaster revenue is a thing of the past. Making sure that your funnel is working, that all pieces are in place to keep it flowing for consistent revenue.

Tracking and Understanding Your Money

Don’t let your lack of organization with your money stop you from making more of it. I’ll show you how to track your current revenue, calculate your projected revenue and plan for future expenses - so that you can always make sure you are getting paid.

Finding the Formulas that Work for Your Business

Business is a science experiment and you are the chemist: you have to find the formula that works for you.

Spreading Your Message through Pitching and Visibility

Learn how to pitch (and what to pitch) to get yourself in front of other people’s audiences. You’ll learn how to get on podcasts, get seen in the media and speak at events by creating an irresistible pitch.

Managing Your Mindset and Energy

Your thoughts are the only thing standing between you and your dreams. Learn how to control your thoughts and manage your mind so that you become unstoppable.

Staying Rooted in Community

Surround yourself by powerful women making big decisions in their businesses. Having a community to carry you to success and hold you through failure is like a secret weapon most solopreneurs will never experience.

By the time we're done working together, you'll have...


She left her high-paying corporate job to create a profitable business helping modern women feel confident in their finances.

"My biggest takeaway from the Inner Circle program is that confidence is a key ingredient to success. Amanda radiates soft confidence and teaches women like me to recognize my own beauty and potential.

As I built my business, Amanda and a community of talented women growing their own businesses were there for support. It was powerful. Beyond our business goals, we dug into our own personal values, our hormones and tapped into personal wellness.

Since joining, I launched my business to help modern women feel confident in their finances. I learned how to create my ideal client profile, understand her needs and focus my messaging directly toward her. I learned to sell high ticket offers, how to use marketing funnels to captivate audiences, and new perspectives on stories.

I’m grateful for the experience, this program was a source of support and acceleration toward my goals."

Jessa Busta

And to spread a little extra love, here’s the bonuses you’ll receive when you join my program. 

Private Sessions with Support Coaches

You'll be given amazing bonus sessions where you'll work with leading women in sales, story branding, and digital marketing.

Content Planning Workshop

Without a process in place, planning content can become a huge time suck for entrepreneurs. Make sure you never waste hours again wondering what to post on Instagram.

Sales Scripts and Objections

Learn how to nail your sales call and address objections like a pro with these proven scripts that I've used to sell clients high-ticket programs.

Hiring Guide

Learn how to hire employees and contractors so you can get the support you need to scale your business effectively.

Exclusive Workflows

You'll receive all of the workflow I use to run my multi-six-figure business, because the earlier you have systems in place the better.

Grounding Day™ for Entrepreneurs

Plan your week like a pro and make sure your getting it all done with my Grounding Day™ for Entrepreneurs.

Financial Planning Spreadsheet

You need to be in tune with your numbers - so that you know what's coming in, going out, and what is all looks like. Use the financial planning spreadsheet so you always know what's going on with your revenue.

Ready for a sustainable business?

Submit your application today to join the Inner Circle.


Amanda Walker_Savannah Adcock Testimonial

She learned how to turn her web design and branding side hustle into a full-time business.

When I started working with Amanda, I was waaay undercharging clients and confused about what to offer.

Amanda helped me package my offers clearly and finally start asking for the prices that I deserved, so I could feel good in my work and excited about the future of my business.

In less than a year, I was able to transition full-time to my business (all with a breastfeeding baby and 5-year-old at home). Along the way, I learned how to control my anxiety and my overwhelming thoughts by putting myself first - whether that meant journaling, stopping to eat or reach out to the Inner Circle community for support.

By the end of my time with Inner Circle, I had for the first time: hired childcare, hired a housekeeper, learned to trust my husband overnight with our kids, and created sustainable income - and I finally feel CONFIDENT about the business I am building.

Savannah Adcock

She went from $0 to six figures in ONE year.

I would not be able to say I am a business owner without Amanda's support, guidance, and leadership. Having Amanda as my business coach has allowed me to break through many, many limiting beliefs and step into my calling to help girl athletes become confident. Amanda believed in me when I felt like I couldn't really do this. She challenges me to think through the fear and doubt instead of sitting in it. I can't thank Amanda enough for what she has done for me on this journey of being an entrepreneur. I can proudly say, with Amanda's help, I am creating a life that I love.

Paige Tonz

Still wondering if this is for you?
Read through some common questions.

I am the right coach for you because I once was you. Through trial and error, I grew my business year over year into the 6-figure business I have today. I have been where you are, and can help you get to success on your own terms quicker.

With Inner Circle,  you won’t get just get a coach, you’ll get a whole community of support. With community, you’ll not only find women who you can share struggles and successes with, but you’ll also create connections and bonds for life that can help you personally and professionally.

Freebies, books, and podcasts are amazing resources for just starting out – but they can only take you so far. You need an expert looking at your lifestyle, your business and your desires to get the results you really want.

If you’re not sure if this is for you, just submit the application and we’ll find time to discuss if you are a good fit for the Inner Circle program and evaluate the impact it could have on your business.

In the end...

You deserve a business that feels amazing AND b. brings you the money and time freedom you deeply desire. Invest in your future time, energy and finances and learn how to grow your business. Because without getting the help you need, you’ll just keep wondering...

→ Is this sustainable?
→ How can I make more money without more time?
→ How do I put less of myself in this business? 
→ Will I always feel like I am "on"?
→ How can I get in front of more people?
→ Should I be hiring someone?

Stop the cycle of wondering, and make 2022 the year you finally become the CEO your business.


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