A retreat experience

An all inclusive retreat experience uniquely curated to expand your business and YOU, as a woman.

Through a unique series of integrated workshops, dedicated hot seat sessions and the luxury of unscheduled time for deeper reflection, we’ll explore how you can elevate your brand, your customer experience and your profits.

2024 Fall Event Details

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Where female coaches step out of their daily routine to reset their mind, connect with other professionally successful women, and reframe their business goals and strategy execution.

**Travel to and from the event not included

There are 2 things all successful coaches have in common:

1. They put themselves in rooms with other successful coaches to collaborate, inspire and hold accountability for one another.

2. They seek out experiences to get them out of their comfort zone so they are challenged and therefore, GROW.

When you put yourself in a room with other successful female coaches–magic happens and so will your own personal breakthroughs.

You leave that space feeling Energized Inspired Refreshed Clear and ready to take our business and life to the next level.

This retreat experience is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

I want to be clear, this retreat is NOT just about business. If you have come to learn anything about growing a business, it’s that your business only grows when you do.

Just imagine...

  • Waking up to the smell of hot coffee or tea waiting for you.
  • Slow mornings to reflect.
  • Full peaceful night’s of sleep.
  • Intentional space to create and dream.
  • Soaking in the sun.
  • Late night laughs.
  • Breakthrough moments.
  • Nourishing food that you didn’t have to prepare for single moment.
  • Leaving the retreat feeling totally rejuvenated, crystal clear on your next business move and feeling deeply inspired to take action.

Your Suite Options

Your Retreat Host

Amanda Walker will be your retreat host. Amanda is the top ranked podcast host of the Best Damn Coach podcast, a Framework Building Ninja and mom of 2. Her mission is help one thousand coaches coach one million clients to real transformation.

She does this through her signature program, The Best Damn Coach, where she helps emerging coaches grow a profitable coaching practice and gain confidence in theri coaching abilities. She also helps coaches created their own signature coaching frameworks inside the Framework Builder Lab.


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