3 Essential Traits You Must Develop To Make More Money As A Coach

3 Essential Traits You Must Develop To Make More Money As A Coach

Transforming Your Coaching Practice: 3 Essential Traits for Financial Success

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Hello, amazing coaches, practitioners, and mentors, and welcome to the show where I will be chatting about 3 Essential Traits You Must Develop To Make More Money As A Coach.

I recently hosted a webinar where we discussed the terms “coach” and “mentor” and how they resonate differently with each individual. For me, being a coach means creating positive change with people, and I’m thrilled to have all of you join me today to delve into a topic that is critical for anyone in the coaching business: money.

Money Matters in Coaching

When I first started my coaching journey, I didn’t realize how significant the relationship between money and self-worth would be. As coaches, we sometimes find ourselves stuck in a cycle of offering free services due to the blocks we have around money and our value. Today, I want to share three essential traits that, based on my experience, I believe every coach should cultivate to make more money and achieve financial success.

Trait 1: Detachment From Money

One of the crucial traits for financial growth in your coaching business is detachment. I personally struggled with this in the past year as I became increasingly obsessed with the money I was making. It’s easy to become emotionally attached to the outcomes of our actions, leading to an emotional roller coaster when things don’t go as planned. Detachment is about taking action without being overly fixated on the results.

For instance, when you pitch yourself or your services, try not to focus solely on whether they say yes or no. Instead, concentrate on delivering your best and letting go of the outcome. This mindset allows you to keep moving forward without getting bogged down by the highs and lows of the process.

Trait 2: The Art of Gratitude

Gratitude might seem like a cliché topic, but it’s incredibly powerful in transforming your coaching practice. Cultivating a daily practice of gratitude helps us recognize and appreciate the positive aspects of our journey, even if we haven’t reached our ultimate goals yet. It’s easy for high achievers like us to keep chasing the next goal, thinking that happiness lies there. However, gratitude brings us into the present moment, raises our energy, and helps us find joy in the journey itself.

Try keeping a gratitude journal where you not only list things you’re grateful for but also include why you’re grateful for them. This practice delves deeper into the small victories and joys in your life, creating a shift in your mindset.

Trait 3: Consistency Is Key To Making More Money

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to making progress in any aspect of life, including finances. The idea of manifesting success might be trendy, but the truth is that we need intentional action to turn our visions into reality. However, consistency can be challenging, and it’s essential to explore what might be stopping you from being consistent.

Develop personal KPIs (key performance indicators) and track them regularly. Set standards for yourself and hold yourself accountable to them, regardless of how you feel on a given day. This practice builds confidence and a strong sense of discipline, leading to increased consistency and, ultimately, financial success.

Practical Application

By embracing detachment, gratitude, and consistency in your coaching practice, you can create a positive shift in your financial growth and emotional well-being. As you cultivate these traits, you’ll find yourself more aligned with your clients and better equipped to help them succeed. So take a moment to imagine your life in three months or three years from now, with these traits woven into your daily routine. It’s time to transform your coaching practice and make a significant impact on the world! Feel free to connect with me on Instagram for further discussions and support in your journey. Until next time, enjoy your coaching and the incredible clients you get to work with!

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