Developing a G.O.A.T. Mindset in 2024

Developing a G.O.A.T. Mindset in 2024

Developing a G.O.A.T. Mindset in 2024

Welcome to 2024!  Today I am not going to jump on the bandwagon and talk about goals, goal setting, etc.

Today, I am talking about how to become the very thing you want to be in 2024 and what it will take from your brain.

I am a giant Tom Brady fan.  If you don’t know who he is, he is a former NFL quarterback who played for the New England Patriots And then finished his career last year and retired from the Tampa Bay Bucs.

He is also not bad to look at and known because he was married or maybe still is to Gisele Bundchen, a gorgeous supermodel.

Tom is often referred to as the G.O.A.T. of NFL quarterbacks.  G.O.A.T. means greatest of all time.

I found myself thinking alot about this reference to him and how he thought about it about 2 years ago.

I thought there were a lot of great NFL quarterbacks. It’s not a fact he is the G.O.A.T it’s just an opinion of some. Others may think other former GBs are the greatest of all time. In fact, I’ve seen lots of sports commentary arguing about this very idea.

Then I wondered–does Tom believe he is the G.O.A.T?  My guess-he sure does:)

And then I started thinking about myself. How does this acronym play out for me?

What if I believed I was the G.O.A.T. at what I do? How might things look different in my career? How might it impact how I show up? I realized how much that thought would serve me

And so I wrote it on sticky notes that I put right on my computer screen to see them every day. I wrote it on my whiteboard. I started saying it internally often. I started speaking it to the coaches in my community.

I realized–I started to embody it. It didn’t matter if anybody else on this earth believed it or not.  

If I did, I began to show up differently and do this work with a new level of confidence.

Everything began to shift.

And so I wonder, what might it look like if you started to plant these seeds inside your brain too.  What if you believed you were the G.O.A.T. in your coaching niche or for your clients or whatever stretches you and simultaneously excites you?

3 things I did to develop a G.O.A.T. mindset

Also–this is the January theme inside the BDC and will become our mantra and focus all year long.  I’d love to have you be a part of this community because we are on FIRE.


  1. Refute any evidence against being the G.O.A.T.


When doubts or negative thoughts creep into your mind, reject them. Refute any evidence that disputes your status as the GOAT. Take a moment to explore these thoughts and ask yourself how a G.O.A.T. would respond. Reframe them from a future-paced perspective and make decisions and think like the coach you aspire to be.


  1. Speak G.O.A.T.-like affirmations out loud


Reinforce your belief in being the G.O.A.T. by saying it out loud. Celebrate your achievements and declare yourself as the G.O.A.T. in your coaching practice. Share this affirmation with your family, clients, and even in your Zoom title. The more you speak it, the more it becomes ingrained in your unconscious mind, and others will start to associate you with the G.O.A.T. identity.


  1. Surround yourself with G.O.A.T.-like influences


Create an environment that supports your G.O.A.T. mindset. Surround yourself with books, podcasts, and resources that inspire and uplift you. Visualize yourself as the G.O.A.T. in your coaching practice through daily practices and affirmations. This will reinforce your belief and help you take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.



Your Inner G.O.A.T.

As we embark on a new year, let’s commit to developing a G.O.A.T. mindset. Believe in your ability to be the G.O.A.T. in your coaching niche and reject any doubts or negative thoughts that arise. Speak GOAT-like affirmations out loud and surround yourself with influences that support your G.O.A.T. mindset. Embodying the G.O.A.T. identity will empower you to take bold action, simplify your business, and achieve the success you desire.

Cheers to 2024 and embracing our inner G.O.A.T.s. Let’s change lives, make a lasting impact, and continue to grow as coaches. Remember, you are the best damn coach, and it’s time to unleash your greatness.


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