2023 Annual Report + Life Update

2023 Annual Report + Life Update

2023 Annual Report + Life Update

This is a meaningful episode for me as I’ve been spending a lot of time collecting data and putting thought into it because I just want to put it all out there.  The good, the bad, and the ugly and beautiful of 2023.

This is episode 271, first of all.  I started this podcast in 2018 with a nudge and some clarity that my ideal client is a podcast listener, and I could reach them using this platform.

Since then, I have NOT missed a week.  Not one.  I set the standard, and I have not wavered even on weeks where I just didn’t have it in me. I remind myself of my commitment.

If you are new here or have forgotten. We transitioned the message and the purpose in August of 2022 and rebranded to the Best Damn Coach from the Feel Amazing Naked Podcast. That is where the entire company took a giant shift. This was episode 200.

Harder than I Thought

HOLY HELL–it was much harder than I thought. Major unexpected events came out of that.  I’ve shared periodically about that journey, but now I am through the murky and ugly and feel lighter and clear, but man–there was a lot of crying and doubt.

I decided to use the last episode as an annual report each year.  Today is the first.

My mission is to share a peek behind the curtain of actual transparency in metrics, learnings, and how those things have influenced what we will be doing in 2024.

I wished I could have listened to someone ahead of me who wasn’t sitting behind smoke and mirrors or just was really open about where their income came from so I could see it all come together.

So let’s do it!!!

Our Learnings

Here is a breakdown of some of our greatest learnings. Be sure to listen to the episode for full context on these learnings.

  1. Don’t fix what’s not broken.
  2. Patience–I wanted to create new stuff all the time, and I had to be patient and rinse and repeat.
  3. My ability to create frameworks surfaced because I saw the need, and I am on FIRE!!!!!!  I am getting hired 1:1 to work with amazing people to build these out.
  4. Webinars and anywhere I teach are my zone of genius.  More of that.
  5. Framework Builder Lab is so needed.

What This Means For 2024

Our theme for 2024: Same, but better!  Yes, that means we are rinsing and repeating the things that worked well in 2023 to focus on optimization.  I really encourage you to ask yourself the same question: What worked well for me? Even the small, tiny things.  Call them out!

For us, here are 5 things we will be doing:

  1. Don’t fix what’s not broken.
  2. We have 5 projects we will be working on to optimize.
  3. We will be hosting consistent workshops and repeat workshops–my goal is 36 webinars this year…let’s go!
  4. We will substantially invest more in paid Ads because we know our numbers and can have confidence in the system.
  5. Upleveling our prices.

I’d love to connect if you have any questions or golden nuggets about this episode. Head on over to Instagram and send me a DM there.

And Happy New Year, friends.

Heya, I’m Amanda!

Coaching changed my life.

Coaching is in my blood. I became a coach for the 1st time at 15 when I coached 4-5 year old boys in a pee-wee basketball league. I then coached the hardest crowd ever as a high school teacher and coach, then added to my coaching resume Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach, and now Certified Master Life Coach, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner. I have combined my 25 years of coaching into this program to help you become a better coach.

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