Which Coaching Model Is Best For You?

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There are many coaching models to coach your clients. 

Which Coaching Model Is Best For You?

In this episode, I am breaking down the various coaching models and sharing the behind-the-scenes of all models and the skills needed in each model to help you think about which is best for you. When I mean types of coaching I am talking about the container for which you deliver your coaching including 1:1, 1: Many, Hybrid style, and more. 

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There are many models to coach clients.  Today I am breaking down the various coaching models and sharing the behind-the-scenes of all models, and the skills needed in each model to help you think about which is best for you.

And when I mean types of coaching, I am talking about the container for which you deliver your coaching. This is all from my perspective based on the thousands of clients and coaches I’ve coached over the years.  Try the hat on for yourself.

It’s important to lean into what feels great for you. 

You will see many statements that say:

  • Don’t do 1:1
  • Only do 1:1
  • Don’t do group
  • Only do group

Ultimately this is for you to decide AND know that this will change and evolve with you throughout your business.

Various Models:

1:1: Meeting with one client at a time via zoom or in-person or a combination of both 

  • Fast way to make money
  • Have systems to track and stay organized
  • Clean structure
  • It isn’t scalable
  • Burnout may come fast

I think this is an amazing place for a new coach to start or someone who is transitioning out of another mentor role.  You get to be in the client’s problems and really start to think about how you could scale if you wanted to.  Starting with this approach also helps you gain so much confidence.

Plus, it’s such an amazing time with your clients and you really get to know them and challenge them.  This is also great when you have a small audience. 

Group Coachingamanda walker business life coaching model

  • It is scaleable so you can serve more people at one time
  • Ability to lead transformational experiences for many
  • Ability to demand attention and stay focused
  • Let go of having to be all the things to all the clients
  • Required lots of details to be set and clear communication

Another aspect of group coaching that is worth highlighting is the value of community. In a community, not everyone is at the same point, so you can do things inside that group to support variation: checking, group pods, mentors, etc. 

People want this immediately because they experienced amazing results inside of it, but remember finding 10-20 people at one time is the challenge.


This is how I started my first program BTW, the FAN program

Mastermind: group inspired and created.  Everyone is offering input.

You can make it yours. And there are so many options:

  • Online Course Program
  • Live or Evergreen

 This can create a semi-passive income for you and it’s also scaleable: you could have 100 or 1000 purchases and it wouldn’t change your energetic demand.

I am a fan of building the ship as you are sailing it here.  You have to know the messaging and create demand for this.  That’s why I believe coaching first can lead you into the program.

Regardless of which model you choose, the Ultimate Goal is:

  • Diversify your revenue and design with the end in mind.  Hold the vision of what you want in mind.

What model are you using? What have you found to be most effective? I’d love to hear your input on what you have found to work.

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