Client Success Story: From Marriage and Family Therapist To Infidelity Coach

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This week I am sharing an amazing client success story from a therapist turned coach doing powerful work in this world.

After 20 years as a marriage and family therapist helping hundreds of couples reconnect after infidelity, Shannon saw an opportunity to make an even bigger impact through coaching.  She reached out to me to begin building her coaching business in the online space to serve couples by teaching them her approach to rebuilding trust after cheating.  Listen to her story of overcoming fear, focusing on service, and navigating the transition from therapist to coach.

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I will say it again, Client Success stories are my favorite things to share!client success amanda walker business coach

Part of Shannon’s mission is to take those couples who feel totally hopeless after the loss of trust due to infidelity and lead to a more connected relationship, unlike what they have had before.

She is inspiring couples, using her expertise to help couples reconnect.


That is what she is working to inspire within her clients.  So, if you are in a place of overwhelm, wondering how your relationship got to the place it is, you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!  Shannon shares powerful insights into how to start rebuilding trust in a relationship.

You can learn more about Shannon’s programs on her website.

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