How To Handle A “Difficult Client”

Inevitably as you coach more people you will encounter a “difficult” client.

In this week’s episode, I am sharing practical tips and strategies to use these experiences as a learning opportunity.  I will share a core belief I have about all the clients I get to work with, the red flags to look for before you agree to work with a client, and how to pre-frame the coaching experience to increase success for you and your clients.

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My belief is that every client that comes to me has something to teach me.  Am I willing to learn?

As you encounter situations where you have a difficult client, think back on the onboarding experience with them.  Were there any red flags you overlooked?

If there were, then you know for next time what to look out for.  Two things that I have found super helpful are remembering these two things:amanda walker business life coach

  1. Respect your client’s model
  2. Lead with neutrality

Chances are if you are faced with a difficult client, it’s because they trigger something in you.  It’s like a mirror and maybe those triggering parts are something you also need to work on.  Seeing it that way can re-frame your thinking on how to approach coaching them.


  1. Pre-frame from the start
  2. Set boundaries

Pre-framing from the start lets clients know exactly what they can expect out of your coaching program, and then setting boundaries will create the healthy relationship that is needed.

What have you seen work in your own coaching practice to help with the “difficult” clients?

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