Why not YOU? {Welcoming in the New Year}

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Going Out With an F-IN BANG…won’t you join me?!?! 

As the year comes to a close I want to say thank you for being here on this crazy road with me in 2022.

I’ve been adopting a thought that has really served me this year and I am sharing it inside this episode.  If it lands on you, you are welcome to borrow it!  This episode is your reminder that you did ALL of this and more importantly, you can do anything more you desire in 2023.  Happy New Year and bring it 2023!

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As you reflect on your year…I want you to remember that you did all of this:

  • You woke up after long nights and packed the kid’s lunches and helped them get off to school.
  • You showed up at work or in your business, even on days you wanted to stay under the covers with your head on the pillow.
  • You had hard conversations even though they were uncomfortable.
  • You set boundaries even when it felt horrible because it was necessary.
  • You fed your body, maybe some days it wasn’t with balanced plates, but you kept getting back in the saddle.
  • You quieted the noise of the world, even for a little bit, and focused on what was happening right under your nose.amanda walker business life coach
  • You filled up your cup the best you could even though you still craved more space.
  • You changed jobs, left a job, started your own business, or even got clear on the next step that you know you have to take.
  • You loved on your kids, your grandkids, your niece, your nephew, or even a complete stranger.
  • You cried and it felt so damn good.
  • You paused, sat in stillness for a moment, and it felt so damn good too.
  • You lost…something big or something small and you are still here moving forward.
  • You made new friends or lost old friends and are taking away learnings from both.
  • You started being kinder to yourself, even a smidgen because you are starting to see that everything about your life comes from the love you have for yourself.
  • You sat in the sun and felt it warm up your soul.
  • You baked something in your kitchen and the smell took you back to your childhood and remembered how far you’ve come.

You did all of this.

Yes, you did!

You did all of these or at least some of these things and they helped you grow.  They helped you change your life perspective, grow your confidence, and increase your self-awareness.

Taking these moments of reflection isn’t always about the “big” celebrations we perceive our life is made up of.

I want to remind you today that you have so much to celebrate…so many tiny steps you took this year that have shaped you over the year.

And nobody did it but you.

I am honored to come into your inbox every week of the year to be a part of that journey with you.  Thank you for celebrating 2021 with me.

I am wishing you a joyous and peaceful end to 2022 and a welcoming 2023.

We’ve got some amazing projects in store to support the tiny steps you will keep taking in 2023.

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Thank you for being on this journey with me.  I am so honored you choose to listen every week!

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Heya, I’m Amanda!

Coaching changed my life.

Coaching is in my blood. I became a coach for the 1st time at 15 when I coached 4-5 year old boys in a pee-wee basketball league. I then coached the hardest crowd ever as a high school teacher and coach, then added to my coaching resume Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach, and now Certified Master Life Coach, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner. I have combined my 25 years of coaching into this program to help you become a better coach.

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