Part 1: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way in 2023 {Expose Your Gaps}

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Happy New Year and welcome to our 4-part series to kick off 2023 called How To Get Out Of Your Own Way in 2023.

If you take some time to reflect on the root of why we don’t experience the success we are seeking it boils down to this: we get in our own way.  Throughout the next 2 weeks, we are going to give you tangible, actionable, and reflective tips to help you actually achieve the results you want this year and get out of your own way.  In this episode, part 1, I will walk you through a simple way to become aware of what’s stopping you and expose our gaps so you have clarity on how to coach yourself through it.

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The idea that something is holding you back is, in itself, a limiting belief in your abilities and greatness -Jonathon Heston

Welcome to the New Year first and foremost.  I hope you had an amazing holiday and took some time to relax and just be.

When I was planning the podcast content for the New Year I really tried to put myself in my listeners’ shoes.  I know there is lots of new year energy around organization, planning, and goal setting.  Yes, all valuable things. BUT not useful and actionable directly and here is why:  The reason we don’t actually get results is because we get in our own way.

Yes, the very things we are consciously chasing we both consciously and unconsciously block ourselves from having.

What in the actual F?  Why in the hell do we do this?

This is what this 4 part series is all about.  I want to help you get out of your own way.  In fact, if I want to boil down exactly what I do as a coach, exactly what you ultimately do is just that: I help my clients, my listeners, and whoever wants to listen to me get out of their own DAMN way.amanda walker business life coach

Today is Part 1 and we are going to help you expose your gaps.  I want to help you figure out what’s stopping you because I’ve realized most people are totally unaware that they are in fact the ones blocking themselves.

We move through life often in a place of blame or not taking ownership.

It’s an ego thing. It’s so much easier for it to be someone else’s fault than our own.  After all, why would we knowingly stop ourselves from having everything we want?  

Sometimes it’s unknowingly…that is where the sneaky sabotage comes in.

You might be wondering and asking yourself okay Amanda how can I be aware of my gaps?  So let’s make this tangible.

Go back to childhood–dream and do whatever you want.

Have you asked yourself what’s stopped you now?

When you really drill it down the clarity that most come to is what’s stopped you is yourself.

You have blindspots and setting GOALS exposes them.

If you want something different you have to do something different but many of us don’t even realize we are trapped in the same patterns because we lack awareness.

You’ve heard the cliche that how you do one thing is how you do everything and in some regards that is true.

This is exactly what I am going to teach you in my LIVE 3-day training: I will share the #1 thing you must do to rewire your brain and it won’t take you any extra time.

You will learn why personal development might not be working for you.

How to tap into immediate confidence instantly whenever you want without spending thousands on a therapist or coach.

You are going to be unstoppable no matter what is happening in the world or around you.

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Heya, I’m Amanda!

Coaching changed my life.

Coaching is in my blood. I became a coach for the 1st time at 15 when I coached 4-5 year old boys in a pee-wee basketball league. I then coached the hardest crowd ever as a high school teacher and coach, then added to my coaching resume Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach, and now Certified Master Life Coach, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner. I have combined my 25 years of coaching into this program to help you become a better coach.

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