Exploring Minimalism And Finding What Matters With Joshua Becker

What is minimalism

We’ll be delving into his fascinating journey, from being a pastor to becoming a writer and minimalist.

Plus, we’ll explore his latest book, “Things That Matter,” which has had a profound impact on me personally.

Hey there, lovely listeners! Welcome back to the Best Damn Coach podcast. I am absolutely thrilled about today’s episode because we have an incredible guest, Joshua Becker, joining us. Joshua is not just a talented author but also an inspiration in the world of minimalism.


His Story

Joshua Becker is the #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author of five books. He is the Founder and Editor of Becoming Minimalist, a website dedicated to intentional living visited by over 1 million readers every month with a social media following of over 3 million. SUCCESS Magazine named his blog as one of the top ten personal development websites on the Internet. He is also the Creator of Simplify Magazine and Simple Money Magazine. Joshua and his young family were introduced to minimalism thirteen years ago during a short conversation with their neighbor. 

Since then, Joshua’s story and writing have inspired millions worldwide to find more life by owning fewer possessions. Today, based on his thoughtful and intentional approach to minimalism, he is one of the leading voices in the modern simplicity movement. His online course, Uncluttered, has helped over 75,000 people declutter their homes and live a more intentional life focused on the things that matter most. He is also the Founder of The Hope Effect, a nonprofit organization changing how the world cares for orphans. Currently, he lives in Peoria, AZ, with his wife and two teenage kids.

Embracing Vulnerability

Joshua and I  became friends through a serendipitous neighborhood connection. I open up about my faith journey and the challenges I faced in sharing this significant part of myself within my business. Joshua relates to my experience, having navigated the delicate balance of incorporating faith into his writings on minimalism, and we both agree that authenticity is the key to making meaningful connections.

The Heart of Minimalism

I am genuinely intrigued as Joshua explains the essence of minimalism. It goes far beyond decluttering possessions; it’s about intentionally focusing on the things that truly matter in life while shedding distractions that hinder our growth. I discovered how Joshua’s journey led him to create the renowned blog, “Becoming Minimalist,” which now impacts millions of readers every month.

Overcoming the Grip of Money

One topic that deeply resonates with me is the distraction of money. Joshua shares a surprising statistic: 70% of Americans believe more money would make them happier. This revelation strikes a chord within me as I realize how often I find myself thinking about money and its influence on my daily decisions. Joshua offers a brilliant solution: giving money to causes we care about. It’s a practical way to shift our perspective and recognize that we have enough to make a positive impact.

Rethinking Wealth and Abundance

As parents, we hold the power to redefine how our children perceive money and wealth. Joshua and I explore this topic and agree on the importance of teaching our kids the value of generosity and service to others. By shifting their focus from materialism to meaningful connections and experiences, we can foster a deeper sense of abundance in their lives.

Embracing Joy Through Generosity

Throughout our conversation, the theme of generosity emerges as a powerful force for change. Joshua shares his insights on how giving can transform our desire for material possessions and money. By embracing a giving heart and contributing to solving problems in the world, we can find true joy and fulfillment.

How Does This Apply To You?

As the episode comes to a close, I can’t help but feel inspired by Joshua Becker’s profound wisdom on minimalism. His journey and insights have left a lasting impression on me, encouraging me to reevaluate what truly matters in my life. Embracing minimalism, both in possessions and mindset, opens up a world of joy, purpose, and meaningful connections. Let’s embark on our own transformative journey towards a minimalist life, cherishing what truly matters most.

You can learn more about Joshua and grab one of his amazing books HERE.

You can also check Joshua’s highly viewed YouTube channel HERE. (there are so many simple tips here)

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