How to Double Your Sales Call Conversion With This One Change

Double Your Sales Call Conversions

How to Double Your Sales Call Conversion with One Specific Change…

So that you don’t leave money on the table.

Welcome to the Best Damn Coach show! In this episode, we will discuss a powerful strategy to help coaches attract more clients and increase their sales call conversions.

As a coach, it’s important to master the art of sales to grow a sustainable business. We understand that selling can be uncomfortable or new for many coaches, which is why we are dedicating this month to sales conversations. You can significantly improve your sales call conversion rate by making one specific change. So, let’s dive in and explore this game-changing strategy so you can learn how to double your sales call conversion with ONE specific change.

The Importance of Resolving Money Objections:

During a sales call, it is crucial to thoroughly address any money objections before discussing the investment. By actively listening to your prospective clients and understanding their concerns, you can build trust and demonstrate the value of your coaching services. Common mistakes include sharing the investment before addressing objections, avoiding discussions about the investment altogether, or simply sending the information via email. To improve your sales call conversion rate, focus on resolving objections and establishing trust with your prospective clients.

Be Ready to Accept Payment Over the Phone

Secondly, one of the most impactful changes you can make to improve your sales call conversion is being prepared to accept payment over the phone. It’s essential to recognize that energetically, a yes from a prospective client is not complete until payment is accepted. Many coaches make the mistake of assuming a sale is secure without collecting payment, leading to missed opportunities. By being ready to accept payment on the call, you demonstrate commitment and create a sense of urgency for the prospective client. This change can transform your sales process and boost your conversion rates.

Sharing Success Stories and Implementing the Strategy

To illustrate the effectiveness of this strategy, we share a story from Alex Hormozi, the author of “$100 Million Offers.” His encounter with a young cologne peddler highlights the importance of being ready to accept payment. Sales professionals across industries understand that closing a sale often requires immediate action. When you’re on a call with a warm lead, ready and willing to invest, it’s crucial to have a method in place for accepting payment. This strategy empowers both you and the prospective client to commit to the coaching process. This one skill alone will help you double your sales call conversions.

Apply It To Where You Are

As a coach, attracting more clients and increasing your sales call conversions is essential for growing a successful coaching business. You can significantly improve your sales call conversion rates by resolving money objections before discussing the investment and being ready to accept payment over the phone. These simple yet powerful changes demonstrate your commitment and professionalism, instilling confidence in prospective clients. Remember, success is achieved through consistent improvement and refinement. Implement this strategy and witness the transformative impact it has on your coaching business.

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This is all a part of our focus on Sales and Money this month on the podcast as we gear up for “SALES” month inside the Best Damn Coach community.

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