How To Connect To Your ‘Burn” With Ben Newman

how to connect to your burn

How To Connect To Your “Burn”: Unveiling the Power of Purpose and Discipline with Ben Newman

 I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Ben Newman as our special guest today, where we discuss his path to success and the profound significance of embracing the “burn.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Ben through my husband, Justin, and we were fortunate enough to attend one of his transformative boot camps. The impact of that experience still resonates with me.

Ben reciprocates my enthusiasm, recalling how he first met Justin and me during a speaking engagement with a SWAT team. The connection we formed that day was unforgettable, and it’s amazing how life brings people together in unexpected ways.

Ben Newman is a Performance Coach, Speaker, and #1 Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of UNCOMMON Leadership. Ben works with Fortune 500 companies around the world, business LEADERS, sales organizations, and professional and collegiate athletes and Olympians in every major sport. His clients include Alabama Football, Anheuser-Busch InBev, AstraZeneca, AFA Singapore, Army of The United States, Air Force Football, and American Family Insurance…and those are just some of the A’ recently selected Ben as one of the TOP 10 Motivators in Sports and Real Leaders Magazine has selected Ben as one of their TOP 50 Speakers in the World the last four years.

You can connect with Ben Newman and his work HERE.

A Shift In Perspective

From his parents’ divorce at a young age to his mother’s battle with a rare muscle disease, Ben faced numerous challenges. He shares how his mother’s resilience and ability to show up in life, despite her illness left an indelible mark on him. Her example taught him the importance of perspective and inspired him to face adversity head-on.

Leading by Example

Ben’s story resonated deeply with me, highlighting the immense power of leading by example. Whether as parents or coaches, our actions have a profound impact on those around us. I couldn’t agree more with Ben’s emphasis on self-reflection and living up to the standards we set for others.

During our conversation, Ben stressed the importance of authenticity and self-discipline in coaching. He made it clear that holding others accountable while neglecting our own growth and discipline is counterproductive. As both a parent and a coach, I acknowledged the imperfections and mistakes I have made along the way. Ben and I shared the belief that it is crucial to take ownership of our mistakes, apologize when necessary, and continually strive to become the best versions of ourselves.

Discovering the Burn

Shifting the focus to Ben’s professional life, I couldn’t help but notice the remarkable artifacts adorning his office walls. Each item held a story and represented a relationship, a testament to the impact he has made on others’ lives. For seventeen years, Ben has dedicated himself to serving others, working with top coaches, athletes, and corporate professionals to unlock their potential and achieve peak performance.

My curiosity led me to explore the concept of “the burn,” which Ben introduced during his boot camp. Little did I know that this exploration would ignite a profound realization within me. I discovered that my motivation stemmed from my burning desire not to disappoint myself, which has inspired me to show up every day and honor my commitments.

According to Ben, the burn is like an inner fire, a deep motivation that fuels our actions and propels us forward. For him, that fire is kindled by the memory of his mother and her indomitable spirit. Her strength and perseverance serve as a constant reminder that no challenge is insurmountable. Ben firmly believes that embracing the burn and committing to a high standard of excellence is the key to consistent success.

Living by Standard, Not Feelings

One crucial lesson I learned from Ben is the importance of living by a standard rather than being swayed by fleeting emotions. He encourages us to let go of the struggles of the previous day and approach each new day with a fresh perspective.

I am so grateful for our conversation and the impact he has created in my life and business.

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