How To Find Clients in 2024

How To Find Clients in 2024

How To Find Clients in 2024

It’s a fresh year and yes that means we have to be innovative.  And–not too much is different either.

One of the most common questions that coaches have is how to find clients in 2024. As the coaching industry continues to grow, coaches need to adapt and find effective strategies to attract clients. Let’s go and discover how you can become the best damn coach and find clients in 2024.

Some things I’ve noticed coaching so many coaches:

  1. They resist the very thing that will bring in clients
    • The invitations to your workshops
    • Sharing your offers
    • Having conversations
  2. Friends, you won’t get clients if you don’t talk about the fact that you are a coach or that you have coaching offers.  I could just end there and that should be where so many of you can start.

Here are the things I think you have to do to find clients in 2024

Go to where you are not known

One of the main challenges that coaches face when it comes to finding clients is their resistance to promoting themselves and their services. Many coaches hesitate to talk about their coaching business or ask for referrals, which hinders their ability to attract clients. I wanted to emphasize the importance of going to places where you are not known and actively engaging with potential clients. 

“You will not find clients in the same communities you’ve always been in. In order to become known, we have to go to the places where our ideal clients hang out and become known.”

To overcome this challenge, coaches need to step out of their comfort zones and actively promote themselves. This can be done by joining networking communities, participating in online forums, or attending events where their target audience is present. By engaging with potential clients and adding value to their lives, coaches can establish credibility and build trust. 

“If you’re walking past somebody in the grocery store, you don’t know that they sell Girl scout cookies if they don’t tell you. So think about this. They don’t know you’re selling coaching services if you don’t tell them.”

By actively promoting your coaching services and engaging in conversations, you increase your chances of attracting potential clients.


  • Add value: Sell the next step.

    Get them curious to take the next step.

    1. Teach
    2. Ask questions
    3. Support others
    4. Create downloads


Once you have identified the places where your ideal clients hang out, the next step is to add value through your chosen platform or “machine.” 

“My machine is webinars this year. I’m doing almost one a week. And so I’m going to show up and I’m going to keep pouring into that machine.”

By consistently showing up and providing valuable content, coaches can attract potential clients and establish themselves as trusted authorities. 

“Don’t use our emotions to judge our success. So when a client’s like, ‘Oh, I had ten people sign up, and two to three show up,’ I’m like, ‘Boom, you’re right within reasonable expectations and averages.'”

Consistency is key when it comes to adding value through your chosen machine. By consistently providing valuable content, coaches can build a loyal following and attract potential clients.


  • Give a CTA:

    • Pitch your offer
    • Invite them to a download
    • Invite them to a sales call


The final step in finding clients in 2024 is giving a clear call to action. After adding value and establishing credibility, coaches need to invite potential clients to take the next step. This can be done by offering a free resource, inviting them to a sales call, or pitching your coaching services. 

By providing a clear call to action, coaches can guide potential clients towards their coaching services and increase their chances of conversion. It is important to strike a balance between adding value and promoting your services, ensuring that potential clients feel empowered to take the next step.

Important parts:

  • Stay consistent.  Don’t do one webinar.  Do 15. Don’t just try it once or show up once.  It’s a compound effort.  The first one takes the most time and effort and it gets easier after. Go ugly early.
  • Have reasonable expectations. 
  • Go over expectations here.  Not every sales call or sign-up is a yes.


Excited to share that we have a specific framework for this inside the Best Damn Coach.

Heya, I’m Amanda!

Coaching changed my life.

Coaching is in my blood. I became a coach for the 1st time at 15 when I coached 4-5 year old boys in a pee-wee basketball league. I then coached the hardest crowd ever as a high school teacher and coach, then added to my coaching resume Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach, and now Certified Master Life Coach, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner. I have combined my 25 years of coaching into this program to help you become a better coach.

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