How To Find Your Conversion Story with Colin Boyd

how to find your conversion story with Colin Boyd

How To Find Your Conversion Story with Colin Boyd

Welcome to another episode of the Best Damn Coach podcast. I’m so excited you’re here because I get to bring on a mentor of mine.

In this week’s episode, my guest, Colin Boyd, and I focus on the importance of storytelling in business.  Colin is obsessed with helping experts and entrepreneurs grow their businesses through live stages and webinars. A key component of those webinars is your story.  Together, we discuss why webinars DO work, how to get them to convert, and why your conversion story is a powerful way to attract your ideal client.

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How I Met Colin

I’ve shared so much about the last year being one of the most challenging years of my life when it comes to business and really waking up one day and figuring out that my heart was not aligned in the business I was living and I had a choice. I could either keep doing it because the money was great or align myself with my heart and really serve what I think has been kind of my life’s calling, which is getting back into really coaching and teaching and the art and mastery of all of those things. And I believe fully that the, you know, the mentor arrives at just the right time and I had been struggling to find.

Then lo and behold, Colin Boyd shows up and his teaching has radically impacted my business this year.

Colin’s Story

Colin shares that he initially struggled to find clients as a Life Coach and how a pivotal speaking engagement resulted in a surge of coaching clients.

Colin eventually transitioned to teaching coaches how to speak and sell on stages which is where his zone of genius lands NOW!

The Power of Storytelling

There is a tremendous significance of storytelling in the world of business. In fact, stories are what really connect the hearts to what we are selling in business.

However, many business owners often miss out on telling the best-fit story to their audience at the right time. Colin introduces the concept of a conversion story and explains how it effectively communicates the value of the core premise.

Effective Storytelling Strategies

When it comes to storytelling, Colin suggests answering three key questions within a conversion story:

  1. “Are you like me?”
  2. “Can you lead me?”
  3. “Is there a path I can follow?”

Colin offers valuable advice to speakers, encouraging them to relive their stories for emotional engagement. Together, we discuss how storytelling fosters a stronger coach-client connection and aids coaches in establishing their unique niche.

Resonance and Impact of Stories

Colin emphasizes the resonance that storytelling adds to the content.

We recognize that stories have the power to enhance the effectiveness of messages and help clients relate more deeply to the content. The question is, though: are you paying attention to that in your storytelling?  Truth for me…I was not!

Balancing Over-Delivery with Vision

One reason I’ve loved being in Colin’s world is how he over-delivers in his program and coaching.  It was highly inspiring for me and drove me to reflect a bit on the client experience inside my programs.

I want to be the BEST.  The best isn’t always about the most clients.  For me, it’s about making sure my clients feel fully supported and seen from day one and beyond.

Inside the episode, Colin shares how he balances growth inside his business with his goal of a rich client experience. He is simply dedicated to rich client experiences with specific content and space for growth. And in his words, “I just genuinely care about people.” MUSIC to my ears, especially inside this industry.

Not A Flash In The Pan

What I love about the episode is that it comes full circle as we focus on the fact that Colin’s success and finding his zone of genius was not an overnight success.  Instead, it’s been 14 years in the making.  He shared that he “is not a flash in the pan” meaning that he wants to be doing this for 30 years!  Amen to that!  I am here for the same.

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See you all next week!

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