Client Success Roundtable: Their Results From The Framework Builder Lab

Holly Hart, Bona Normadeau and Liz Thurston

Case Study Roundtable: 3 Framework Builder Lab Students

WOW!  This episode is GOLD!  I am celebrating three recent graduates of our Framework Builder Lab and all the results they created from being inside this community.

How can a signature coaching framework help my business grow?

A signature framework is a unique methodology you walk your client through to create results.  It’s unique to you and only you and overtime, this is what will set you apart from others doing what you do.

Your framework adds social proof to your work.  It’s your own proprietary methodology that unconsciously says to your client, “they know what they are talking about.”  Immediately, that builds trust and positions you as an expert.  You will become known for that framework, and clients will seek you out for it.  Even better, is that your business will grow because your methodology produces consistent client results and your clients will become a walking billboard for your work.

What is the Framework Builder Lab?

The Framework Builder Lab is where I teach coaches how to build their own signature coaching framework.  When you join, in less than 24 hours, you too can have your own coaching framework that will help you stand out (even if you haven’t coached hundreds of clients yet).  Inside the F.B.L. I walk you through the Reverse Design method to build your framework, name your framework, and learn how to infuse your framework into your brand.

Who is Framework Builder Lab for?

The F.B.L. is for coaches who want to stand out in their niche and move from hidden gem to industry expert and who:

  • Want to create a step-by-step process to guide their clients through to guarantee consistent results like clockwork.
  • Are overwhelmed creating that process and don’t know where to start.
  • Are nervous to start coaching their first client because they have no idea where to start or have a process yet.
  • You aren’t sure you can get your clients what they want.

Our next cohort of the F.B.L. is opening soon. Click here to learn more!

What to expect from these case study interviews:

I am honored to be joined by three coaches, from beginners to veterans, who were members of our recent cohort of the Framework Builder Lab. Inside this episode, they share their real life, tangible takeaways, and game-changing results from the Framework Builder Lab.

Specifically, we talk about:

  • Where they were before their F.B.L. experience.
  • Why they decided to join the F.B.L.
  • What major takeaways and WINS they had.
  • How they are using their signature framework now.

Case Study Interview w/ Holly Hart of Hart Felt Healings

Holly joined Framework Builder Lab because in her words, “she needed clarity.”  She was adding a new extension of her business to train people to do what she does and she wasn’t sure how to package it up and teach it in a way that made sense.

After Framework Builder Lab was complete, here is what she said:

Not only did it get me excited again. I have been excited ever since! I work on this all the time and I’m super excited about it like I haven’t stopped!

So I think that’s the thing is we think we might have it, but we don’t necessarily have it down to the details, which I think is the biggest part! And so I think it’s also just getting excited and geared up for what you offer.”

Case Study Interview w/Bona Normadeau: Host of the Happier You Podcast and

Bona joined Framework Builder Lab because in her words:

I joined again because I feel drawn to you and every time I hear you speak, I get clarity. I think clarity is my big word. I had created a course and I love talking about what I do, but it’s the, what you did for me was get me to realize the clarity in explaining how I get someone there.”

After Framework Builder Lab she shared:

And FBL didn’t disappoint!  I’ve already told a bunch of my friends that the next time you open it up, they have to do it. I don’t think it matters where you’re at. I just think there’s so much to learn from as, you know, especially when you’re a solopreneur, when you just, like you say, you’re inside the container and just to learn and talk to other entrepreneurs who are doing their own thing. just to talk to each other and learn from each other. But honestly, above all, that is the time with you. I forced myself to jump in and ask questions and put myself out there, which isn’t my comfort zone. Because you’re so powerful in the moment, you just, you run with it; you inspire us.”

Case Study Interview w/Liz Thurston of Adoption Mentor Liz

She shared that before Framework Builder Lab:

“…had been to a number of coaches, taken a lot of training previously, spent thousands of pounds on coaches and trainers to help me. And I knew I was missing something. It’s almost like every time I did something, I started at 10, and I was missing one to 10. And I was like, why am I not understanding it? Why do I not get it?”

After completing the Framework Builder Lab she shared:

“it literally was pinging light bulbs like fireworks in my brain because I suddenly felt after the six weeks I had 1 through 10!  For me that was just like oh my gosh if I had just had this three years ago!

It’s like a paint-by-number…then when you go around the outside of a pen and then everything just lights up and everything is just at the forefront and real. So for me, it was just having that ability to really fine tune everything about my program and make it look incredible. I said to you, Amanda, that I wrote my whole program out and I was so excited about it. I wanted to take my own program because it sounded so good.”

It’s truly hard to capture all of their experience into show notes, so be sure to listen to the full episode with the link above.

Ready to create your signature framework to grow your coaching business?

There is a way to carve out your space in the coaching arena…

…with your own signature coaching framework.

And it’s so more simple than you imagined (even if you are starting out or haven’t coached hundreds of clients…yet)!

The most effective way to stand out and attract clients with ease is to create your own signature coaching framework.

Cause–ain’t nobody gonna do it like YOU do it!

We’d love to have you in the next FBL; in the meantime, check out this free training I have to help you get started HERE







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