How to Scale a Coaching Business (Coaching Audit: LightBulb ADHD Coaching)

How to Scale a Coaching Business (Coaching Audit Lightbulb ADHD Coaching)

How to Scale a Coaching Business

Let’s get real for a minute.  Are you feeling the squeeze of too many clients and not enough time or money? I got to chat with Katherine, an ADHD coach from Edinburgh, Scotland. Katherine is struggling with managing her coaching business with limited time and wants to learn how to build a framework to leverage and scale her business. If this sounds like you, stay awhile! We dug into how building a coaching framework can be a total game-changer.

Key Takeaways

  • Building a framework is essential for coaches to provide clear steps and structure for their clients.
  • Flexibility within the framework allows coaches to adapt to individual client needs and provide personalized support.
  • Increasing profitability involves shifting to a scalable model, such as group coaching, and reevaluating pricing and container structures.


How to Have a Framework

Think of your framework as the roadmap for your clients. It gives them (and you!) clarity during the coaching process and helps you track progress. I’ll share some of the reasons why I love using a framework in my own coaching.

Every coach has the capacity to create a framework based on their unique problem-solving process. Katherine, as an ADHD coach, has already developed a process through her own personal experience and training. I encouraged Katherine to brainstorm the numerical steps of her process. Not only that, I told her to create a visual representation of her framework to increase client understanding.

The challenge for Katherine is balancing the structure of a framework with the flexibility required for individual clients. I suggested including behavioral flexibility into the coaching process, allowing Katherine to pivot the order of steps.

How to Have Behavioral Flexibility

  • Framework + Flexibility = Client Success: No two clients are alike, right? I’ll walk through how I balance using my proven framework while also personalizing the journey to each client’s goals. This is Katherine’s big “aha” moment!


How to Scale

Katherine’s main struggle is managing her limited availability while still wanting to serve more clients. She has a waiting list of clients, but most of them come from government-sponsored coaching programs with specific expectations and limitations.

I advised Katherine to explore the possibility of shifting her focus to independent clients and increasing her prices to reflect the value she provides. By creating a solidified container, such as a three-month or six-month program, Katherine can offer more support and structure to her clients while ensuring a consistent income stream. She can also implement a renewal strategy, discussing next steps with clients before their package ends to maintain continuity and reduce uncertainty.


Ready to scale to group coaching programs?

Additionally, I suggested that she explores other scalable offers, such as group coaching, to maximize profitability. By leveraging her framework and creating a group program, Katherine can serve more clients simultaneously and provide a supportive community for individuals with similar challenges. This approach allows for a higher income potential while still delivering transformational results.


Inspired to get clear on your own coaching framework and scale your business? 

Don’t miss the full episode of The Best Damn Coach Podcast for all the details! And if this is something that you would love to be a part of, you can complete the application just like Katherine, by heading over to Just answer a few questions, and let’s see if its a great fit.

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