The 3 Mistakes Coaches Make When Creating Their Signature Framework

The 3 Mistakes Coaches Make When Creating Their Signature Framework

Hey there, friends! Welcome to this week’s episode of the Best Damn Coach Podcast! Today we’re diving deep into the world of coaching with a focus on building a “Signature Coaching Framework.”

The Power of a Signature Coaching Framework (02:25)

I often talk about sourdough bread making on this show—maybe a bit too much, and I apologize for that. It’s because I genuinely love it. When I decided to learn how to make sourdough bread, I didn’t just throw random ingredients together and hope for the best. I sought out a proven method from a friend who had a tried-and-true recipe. A recipe is essentially a framework, a step-by-step process that guarantees a delicious loaf of sourdough bread every time.

And that got me thinking about the power of having your own unique “Signature Coaching Framework” as a coach. Today, I want to dive into some common mistakes I’ve noticed when coaches try to develop their “Signature Coaching Frameworks.” But before we dive in, let me provide a bit of context.

Identifying Common Mistakes (04:36)

Do you have a process, or are you just tossing ingredients into the metaphorical coaching bowl and hoping for results? I’ll be honest; I didn’t have a “Signature Coaching Framework” in the beginning. I had taken numerous certifications and learned from a mentor, but I was often winging it, getting decent results. What I lacked was my unique secret sauce, a proven method I could guide every client through for amazing results.

You see, results matter. When your clients succeed, they become your best advocates. But having a “Signature Coaching Framework” does more than that. It provides clarity about your coaching journey, where you’re taking your clients, and the steps to get there. That’s why I created the Framework Builder Lab—to help coaches like you develop their unique “Signature Coaching Frameworks.”

I know many of you feel frustrated because you’re lost in a sea of sameness in the coaching world. You know deep down that you’re different, that you have something special to offer. A “Signature Coaching Framework” sets you apart. It becomes your brand, and people recognize you as the expert in your niche. Today, I’ll discuss the common mistakes coaches make when trying to build their “Signature Coaching Frameworks.”

Click here to learn more about the Framework Builder Lab and to get on the waitlist.

Mistake #1: Starting at the Beginning (06:51)

One common mistake is starting the framework from the beginning. It’s like trying to make sourdough bread without knowing what the final result should taste like. That’s why I teach the Reverse Design Method, which begins with the end in mind. Just like you wouldn’t start a marathon without knowing the finish line, your coaching framework should start with clear goals.

Mistake #2: Lack of Tangible Results (09:06)

Another mistake is not providing tangible results in your framework. Your clients need a clear bullseye to aim for, not vague promises. Using actionable verbs like “identify” or “create” sets clear expectations and ensures measurable outcomes.

Mistake #3: Not Highlighting Your Framework (11:17)

The third mistake is not talking about your framework enough. It’s like my husband downplaying his SWAT experience. Your framework adds credibility and legitimacy to your coaching. It becomes part of your brand and content.

Free Workshop (13:43)

I’ve got some exciting news! In October, I’ll be hosting a free workshop on October 24th at 10 a.m. Arizona time. I’ll teach you how to build your “Signature Coaching Framework” in less than 60 minutes. You’ll gain clarity, confidence, and stand out in your niche. Sign up at


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