Client Success Story: Leaning Into Fear With Telma Sanchez

In this episode, I share a powerful story from one of my amazing clients, Telma.


Telma has officially stepped away from her full-time corporate career to become a full-time coach. Telma is a bilingual life & high-performance certified coach. She helps busy working parents stand in their power to find their full potential, and are energized to enjoy their desired lifestyle. Not the lifestyle society told them to, but the lifestyle they quietly dream about! In the episode, she shares how she overcame her fears, imposter syndrome, and doubt to lean into what her heart was leading her towards.

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Telma shares her story of self-doubt on the journey of following her dreams.  My favorite episodes are client success stories and this week is no different!

Leaning into her fear, Telma has accomplished so much and is living her best life!

She works hand in hand with her clients to help them come up with a

toolbox that will help them be accountable. amanda walker life business coach

You can learn more about Telma on Instagram @telmasmv and her website:

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