How To Respect Your Client’s Model Of The World

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In this episode, I will help you understand why each client (and human being) sees the world differently and why this matters to you as a coach.

Do you ever feel stuck as a coach, as though your client sees the world entirely differently?  It’s because they do AND it’s an important part of mastering your abilities as a coach.  Inside the episode, I share why we each have a different model of the world and how to respect your client’s model of the world even when it doesn’t feel the same as yours.

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How do people form their model of the world?

Their view of the world is made up of their belief systems, their conditioning, and their experience.  This includes memories, history, values, beliefs, senses, and filters

– and all of this gives us different viewpoints, perspectives, responses, and ideas.

Some coaches allow ego to come in and attempt to convince their clients that their modelamanda walker business life coach SHOULD be another way.

However, to work with someone effectively our goal is to get closer to understanding their model.

How do we respect a client’s model of the world when we may see it is hindering them from progress or if our model is different:

  1. Meet them where they are, if you want to communicate with them you must meet them.  This is a core struggle in our culture.
  2. When people feel their map of the world is under attack, they dig in, harden their attitudes, and resist. When this happens all they focus on is NOT changing their mind. If you encounter resistance through a lack of rapport, the first thing you should do is pay more attention.
  3. Winning arguments and needing to be right..there is no “right way”
  4. This doesn’t mean giving up your map and adopting theirs as true – it just means respecting their map and working with it.


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