Part 4: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way in 2023 {Creating Consistency}

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Welcome to the final episode of our 4-part series, How To Get Out Of Your Own Way in 2023.

It’s no secret that we are all after consistency in some way.

Consistency creates consistent action and action produces results. Why then do we struggle with it so dang much? In this episode, we dive into why we do this and how to self-correct.

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Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.

In the last episode, we talked about emotional management and how you can recognize when inaction is being driven by those emotions.  Then addressing how you can change that.

And today, we are talking all about consistency.amanda walker business life coach consistency

It’s no secret: Consistency is what you are after.

We all are in some way.

Here is why consistency matters:

Consistency creates consistent action and action produces results.

The downfall for many is we rely on something temporary to create consistency, which is motivation.  By now you are aware that motivation is a feeling and feelings, oh they are fleeting minute to minute, hour by hour, and day by day.

When we manage our emotions, we don’t have so many highs and lows and when we don’t have so many highs and lows, we are more steadfast in our focus.

Think about your clients and how this looks for them…consistency is where they struggle.  This is where we all struggle.

Most people expect that growth will be linear: I learn this one thing, then I move on in a pretty straight line to the next thing.

Well, that just isn’t the case…most of the time, growth looks like a windy path where we have twists and turns, having to re-learn things again.  So, our expectations of linear growth self-sabotage the actual growth that is taking place.

While that may seem like it’s exhausting, there is actually great power in incremental growth…learning things little by little, then re-learning them as new roadblocks pop up.

Just like Ted Lasso says, “be a goldfish.”  Goldfish forget things after 10 seconds, then move on with life.  Be a goldfish.

Here is a MASSIVELY important part of consistency: create while having a clear mission.

Using toward motivation strategy (not away from) to keep it in mind.

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Excited to see you there!

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