How to Not Feel Like $#!&

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In this episode, I share my “how to get out of your $#!& plan” to help you stop wasting time in your life.

It is inevitable that at some point during the year you will have moments where you throw a big pity party for yourself and feel trapped in negative emotions.  My goal in this episode is to help you understand why you may have an affinity to feel like $#!& and how to move through it so you can feel more confident, more energized, and more productive.

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Why do we have an affinity to feel like shit?

  • Like begets like
  • It’s literally less ATP to repeat patterns.  It takes less energy to feel like shit
  • You think you should feel good all the time.  You believe you are broken
  • You believe your thoughts
  • You aren’t following through on yourself.  You make commitments and you don’t do them because of a feeling.  You collect evidence on why you are a failure and it’s a big old downward spiral.


SO…To feel less shitty, you have to act less shitty.amanda walker business life coach

You may be wondering how you do that.  Something that I have done with my clients is to create their own plans to help them overcome those feelings. 

I call it the “Get Out Of Your Shit Plan” and it looks something like this:

  1. Move the energy along first: walk, jumping jacks
  2. Brain dump your thoughts with a thought download and assess thought and fact
  3. What do I want instead and what is my next best step to do that?

I also want to say that there is constant awareness around thoughts that make you feel shitty.  You can tell them to go away, talk to them, swat them, and call them out and let them know they no longer have a home with you.  You have to be aggressive and clear about how you want to feel.

What have you seen work for you to feel less shitty? Let’s hear it in the comments section!

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