Owning Your Identity and Evolution As A Coach With Irene Pace

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Our shared passion for helping clients with adherence and behavior change shines through this episode.

This week I am joined by the Founder and CEO of Pace Nutrition. She specializes in helping people understand what makes food challenging to them and solve it.

We talk about overcoming a quick-fix mindset, regulation of the nervous system, and how to tune into your own personal wisdom to guide your decisions in business and life.

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Irene’s own challenges with food inspired her deep dive into the relationship we have with food.

She also explored the science of eating behavior and got to the root of what drives smart people to eat in impulsive ways.amanda walker business life coach

What she discovered is the foundation of the Pace Method she has used to help hundreds of clients get peace with food, reach their health and wellness goals, and experience a freedom they never imagined possible.

Irene is also the author of “Eat Like You Teach,” an Amazon bestseller that helps healthcare professionals struggling with food find the path out.

If you are working on owning your identity and evolving as a coach, be sure to listen to this episode!

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