Case Study: How a Signature Framework Landed This Coach Thousands in Revenue

Client Case Study: How a Signature Framework Landed This Coach Thousands in Revenue

Case Study: How a Signature Framework Landed This Coach Thousands in Revenue

In the world of coaching, standing out and attracting clients can often feel like an impossible task. Many coaches struggle with imposter syndrome and doubt their ability to consistently deliver results and make money. However, there is one powerful way to carve out a space in the coaching industry: creating your own signature coaching framework. In this episode, we will explore a case study of how Erica used a framework to land thousands of dollars in revenue and achieve coaching success.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating a signature coaching framework is a powerful way to stand out in the coaching industry and attract clients with ease.
  • A framework provides a visual representation of the steps and processes you take clients through, making it easier to communicate your unique approach.
  • Frameworks help clients feel supported, safe, and confident in your ability to guide them towards their desired results.

From Yoga Teacher to Coach

Before becoming a coach, Erica had a diverse background that included administrative work, human resources, and yoga teaching. She always had a desire to be a coach, but it wasn’t until she discovered the Framework Builder Lab (FBL) that she found the guidance and support she needed to create her own coaching framework. Erica’s coaching practice focuses on helping leaders overcome burnout and prevent exhaustion, allowing them to flourish in all areas of their lives.

The Power of Frameworks in Coaching

A framework is more than just a set of steps or processes. It is a visual representation of the journey you take clients on, providing clarity and structure. Erica realized that having a framework would not only help her communicate her unique approach to potential clients but also provide a sense of safety and support. By joining the FBL, Erica was able to create her own proprietary framework in less than 24 hours, giving her a powerful tool to share with the world.

The Benefits of a Clear Coaching Framework

One of the main pain points Erica’s clients face is overwhelm. They are constantly bombarded with information and struggle to find time for themselves. Erica’s framework, called the “Energized Leader Formula,” helps clients understand the path she takes them on and provides a roadmap for their transformation. By breaking the journey into three key sections – foundation, focus, and flourishing – Erica helps clients prioritize self-care and build a strong foundation before focusing on external goals.

The Impact of a Visual Framework

Erica shared her framework with a prospective client during a sales call, and the impact was immediate. The client was able to see the steps and processes Erica would guide her through, giving her a clear understanding of the journey ahead. This visual representation provided a sense of safety and permission to prioritize self-care before focusing on external goals. The client immediately said yes to working with Erica, highlighting the power of a well-defined framework in attracting and converting clients.

The Framework Builder Lab: A Game-Changer for Coaches

The Framework Builder Lab not only helped Erica create her own coaching framework but also provided her with the tools and support she needed to implement it effectively. The lab’s reverse design method and focus on tangible, actionable steps allowed Erica to organize her thoughts, communicate her unique approach, and create a clear roadmap for her clients. The lab also taught Erica how to infuse her framework into all aspects of her business, from social media messaging to client sessions.

The Benefits of Joining the Best Damn Coach (BDC) Community

After completing the FBL, Erica decided to join the BDC community to further enhance her coaching skills and build a strong foundation for her business. The BDC provided Erica with the confidence and clarity she needed to fully embrace her identity as a coach. The supportive community and valuable resources, such as templates for setting up presentations and the “Greatest of All Time” (GOAT) week, have been game-changers for Erica’s business.


Creating a signature coaching framework is a powerful way to stand out in the coaching industry and attract clients with ease. Erica’s journey from yoga teacher to coach showcases the transformative impact of having a clear framework and the support of a community like the BDC. By implementing her framework and leveraging the resources provided by the BDC, Erica has been able to land clients, generate revenue, and make a lasting impact on her clients’ lives. If you’re a coach looking to take your business to the next level, consider creating your own signature framework and joining a supportive community like the BDC.


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