The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar

The art of bouncing back with Coach Dar

The week’s podcast episode is s0000 juicy, featuring the one and only Coach Dar.

Hey Squaaaad! Let’s Dive Into This Week’s episode where we discuss how to bounce back from adversity! 🚀

Darleen Santore, better known as “Coach Dar,” is an author, Licensed and Board-Certified Occupational Therapist, sought-after motivational speaker, former Phoenix Suns Mental Skills Coach, plus a leadership and mental edge coach to professional athletes, CEOs, and business leaders around the world. Her new best-selling book, “The Art of Bouncing Back,” is a step-by-step playbook for what to do when facing adversity in business and life.  She is the queen of teaching us how to bounce back from adversity.

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From Therapist to Coach: Life’s Wild Ride

Coach Dar started as an occupational therapist, niching down into neuroscience. Then, life threw her a curveball – a stroke! She shares how this moment pivoted her career and her mission.

In the 2008 recession, while the world shook, Coach Dar worked inside, starting her own private practice. Big brain energy, right? Her vision was so strong; that even a recession couldn’t mess with it.  This was the foundation that had led to her work with major corporations and professional athletes.

Niche, Skill Building, and Becoming the Expert

Coach Dar drops knowledge bombs on finding your niche and leveling up your skills. Wanna stand out? Be the expert! It’s like creating your own superhero origin story. We talk about how experience lends itself to supporting the right clients for you.  Sometimes, that takes years of experience and creating results with clients.

Bouncing Back 101: The Book Behind the Wisdom

Dar’s entire life story had led up to the writing of her new book. Coach Dar’s book, “The Art of Bouncing Back,” is like the bible of resilience. It’s not just words on paper; it’s her life lessons and stories of people kicking adversity’s butt.

The real MVP moments

When Coach Dar hears stories of people bouncing back, thanks to her book, it’s like a victory dance for her soul, seeing folks transform their lives. Her legacy is all about making a real impact and keeping it 100% real. Money’s cool, but changing lives? Now, that’s the real reward.

Mixing Work and Faith Without the Awkward

One thing I admire about Dar is her faith and how she carries it into her work.  She hits on how does this inside the episode.  As she says, let it shine through in your actions. No need for awkward convos; just live your truth.

Coach Dar’s mic-drop moment – embrace your journey, stay real, and sprinkle love and faith into everything you do. That’s the secret sauce for a lit life.

Where Realness Meets Impact

Coach Dar’s journey isn’t just a story; it’s a whole vibe of resilience, realness, and impact. In a world obsessed with the hustle, her journey reminds us to keep it real, stay true to our vibe, and make a lasting difference. Keep bouncing, y’all! 🌟✨

You can order your copy of the Art Of Bouncing Back HERE.

Until next time friends, keep coaching them’ up (and bouncing back).

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