What is your coaching style…deep or surface?

what's your coaching style...deep or surface?

In this episode, we discuss the difference between deep and surface coaching.

Both are important forms of questions and create results with clients.  The question I propose inside the episode is this…what type of coach do you want to be?  I define both forms of coaching and how they can benefit your client’s growth. 


In this episode, I want to share my journey of transforming my office and my coaching style. I recently realized that the way I coach can be categorized into two distinct approaches: surface coaching and deep coaching. These styles have different impacts on clients, and understanding them can help you choose a coaching approach that aligns with your values and goals.

Surface Coaching: Solving Acute Problems

Surface coaching is like staying above the waves in the vast ocean, addressing immediate problems without delving into the root causes. With this approach, I provide direct feedback to the client’s external issue and solve it on the surface level. It’s effective for clients who seek specific solutions, especially those who may not be aware of deeper underlying issues. For example, a client looking to lose 10 pounds might benefit from surface coaching, focusing solely on reaching their weight loss goal.

Deep Coaching: Unveiling the Root Causes

On the other hand, deep coaching involves diving beneath the surface to explore the client’s thoughts, behaviors, and habits. With this coaching style, I aim to address the root causes of problems and initiate lasting transformations. Deep coaching requires actively setting goals, measuring progress, and making adjustments cyclically. It’s a more intricate process that involves helping clients become self-aware of their beliefs, values, and emotions to make meaningful changes in their lives. For clients who seek profound personal growth, deep coaching may be the right fit.

The Decision: Surface or Deep Coaching?

As a coach, the choice between surface and deep coaching depends on your values and aspirations. I encourage you to reflect on your desired coaching style. Some coaches may prefer to stay at the surface, providing quick solutions to acute problems. Others may feel called to explore deeper levels, seeking transformational change for their clients. It’s essential to align your coaching style with your values to attract clients who resonate with your approach.

Transforming Lives: Surface Coaching vs. Deep Coaching

While surface coaching can create meaningful changes, it often results in shorter-term and superficial transformations. Deep coaching, on the other hand, requires more time and effort, but it leads to profound identity shifts and lasting personal growth. As a coach, understanding the impact of your coaching style can help you set expectations and guide your clients toward their desired outcomes.

The Journey to Becoming the Best Coach

I realized that some clients needed deeper work beyond achieving immediate goals. This realization inspired me to pursue multiple certifications, honing my skill set as a transformational coach. I’m passionate about supporting clients’ unique journeys of self-discovery and growth.

Your Choice

Choosing your coaching style is a pivotal decision that can greatly impact your coaching career and the lives of your clients. Surface coaching directly solves acute problems, while deep coaching explores the root causes and fosters transformational change. By aligning your coaching style with your values, you can attract the right clients and create profound impacts in their lives. As you continue to grow and develop your coaching toolbox, you can become the best coach you aspire to be, helping clients achieve lasting personal growth and meaningful transformations.

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