What is your coaching style…deep or surface?

what's your coaching style...deep or surface?

In this episode, we discuss the difference between deep and surface coaching. Both are important forms of questions and create results with clients.  The question I propose inside the episode is this…what type of coach do you want to be?  I define both forms of coaching and how they can benefit your client’s growth.    […]

Five Lessons We Learned From Living In Our RV

Lessons from living in an RV and running a business

I thought it would be fun to bring him on and share what we learned, what we are bringing back home with us, and how this trip changed us. We are back from our RV trip across the U.S., and I thought…who better to record with than the guy who drove the RV the entire […]

How To Connect To Your ‘Burn” With Ben Newman

how to connect to your burn

How To Connect To Your “Burn”: Unveiling the Power of Purpose and Discipline with Ben Newman  I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Ben Newman as our special guest today, where we discuss his path to success and the profound significance of embracing the “burn.” I had the pleasure of meeting Ben through my husband, […]

How to Double Your Sales Call Conversion With This One Change

Double Your Sales Call Conversions

How to Double Your Sales Call Conversion with One Specific Change… So that you don’t leave money on the table. Welcome to the Best Damn Coach show! In this episode, we will discuss a powerful strategy to help coaches attract more clients and increase their sales call conversions. As a coach, it’s important to master […]

How To Explode Your Sales With Guest Jillian Murphy

Selling Online

In this episode, we talk about how to explode your sales with my friend and colleague, Jillian Murphy. Jillian Murphy is a highly sought-after sales and business mentor who has mastered the art of sales and scaling her own business and has helped hundreds of other online business owners. She is also our resident Sales […]

The 3 Mistakes Coaches Make When Creating Their Signature Framework

The 3 Mistakes Coaches Make When Creating Their Signature Framework Hey there, friends! Welcome to this week’s episode of the Best Damn Coach Podcast! Today we’re diving deep into the world of coaching with a focus on building a “Signature Coaching Framework.” The Power of a Signature Coaching Framework (02:25) I often talk about sourdough […]

3 Habits Of Profitable Coaches

amanda walker business coach

In this episode, I share the 3 habits that help make coaches profitable.     During the episode, I share the single greatest habit I feel has helped me grow since day 1 of my business as well as why personal breakthroughs are the gifts that keep on giving in your business. Success is the […]

It’s our 200th Episode (+ a Giveaway) and welcome to The Best Damn Coach

It’s our 200th Episode (+ a Giveaway) and welcome to The Best Damn Coach   It’s our 200th Episode…Say What?!?!?      Today we are celebrating consistency, creating value, and most importantly, a new name, look, and feel for the show. FINALLY, I can say out loud… ”Welcome to The Best Damn Coach Podcast” and […]


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